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    Hi all, i finally get my quickcam pro 4000 ! but there is something rushing me… all what is red is strange, the red get grey when i film my images.. well take a look to this pic…

    can someone help me? oh and the quality dont look so great… I look at some video maked with the quickcam camera and the quality was very better than mine…

    but without this, I enjoy my new camera, and i’m animating some tricks to test it… well I will say it to you when i will upload my tests on brickshelf!


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    jarrah white

    Looks like paint… Did you adjust to texture/lighting/lens?

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    Bob Page

    Play with the advance settings

    Good luck!

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    use caution with advanced settings…….
    (to many run ins with a bad registry……)
    it look like you have it set so that red is the only primary color…..
    try adjusting your video settings(the ones pertaining to color definitions…..)

    also you can try calling tech support……

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    that happened on kowarama’s steven spielburg movie! look at the duel sequence! 😛

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    ok, i fix up the problem that was the brightness i think… well yesterday i make my first test of animation! 😀 A man walking from left to right of the screen! lol (no sound)

    i tried to upload it on brickfilm but im on my old computer so that’s too slow, i will try another time… (my old computer is only a cheap computer that i use to take my pictures…)

    so since monday my test will be avaible!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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