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    Brian of Gep

    and in the year 2000, everybody will have their own super-robot to keep them healthy, and a fuel-efficient, environmet-friendly hovercraft to take them around through the crime-free world in which all are happy.

    And every gets a panda.

    Wait, too late.



    Bad idea: if you’re being helpful, you should be out of helpfulness, not because you’re getting points for it. And give poor RevMen all this work in the token-management while he has a complete redesign to work on? Sounds cruel to me… I liked the situation at the old forum, where there was no post count, no ranks, except for the ‘respected member’ title awarded to a few valued long-time members.




    It means you got to be effective on the forums.
    The rating of thread is something I can understand from a pro community (just like programmers that post hints) but not in this community.
    This also means that someone has to read EVERY post and judge of its interest. Wow, I wouldn’t want to be that man !



    “LowweeK” wrote:
    This also means that someone has to read EVERY post and judge of its interest.


    And why does Revmen (or someone else :roll ) have to give token to members and not an automatic system? To stop cheating. Someone could just create another account and post one or two posts, then receive tokens and give points to his real account 🙁

    And the point system works perfectly on the Alamdv forum, I have 639 points! 😀 … ile&u=4751




    REVMAN DONT GIVE POINTS.. its slugs that randomly do it… And, the whole “FORCE HACK” is copyrighted to malone, who is NOT releasing it, meaning revman BETTER know his PHP!

    its a cool idea, and the thing is… you can vote only ONCE per post… and the tokens are so you USE the point system WISELY and not STUPIDLY like yer all saying.. (i thinks)

    why not just get the karma hack??? (i even use it, and if you think it hard to install, pfft)

    so to tell you, there is no force hack, its only some php code malone put together himself, for the csb-digital forum (er, alamdv forum)



    That’s a very good suggestion, Bob, and at first I was nearly convinced. However, while I can see how this idea would work well in a forum dedicated to its members helping each other out, I don’t feel like it would be as effective here. Some of our very best posts come from people with relatively low post counts. Think of supernerd23, he hardly ever posts around here, but when he does he sits down and really writes something worth reading.

    I understand that the system avoids rewarding a high post count, and instead rewards a high useful post count, but Greg’s score would still get swalled up by someone who writes a lot of pretty good posts. For instance, Bob Page’s first post in this topic is definitely token-worthy. He brought in a good idea. But is it more valuable than one of Greg’s full-size posts? Probably not, but Greg’s might end up with only a few more tokens than Bob’s. Well, Bob writes a lot of posts that are of some value, and his score would eventually make Greg’s look pitiful.

    I think the system is too simple in its definition of what a good post is, and that any system complicated enough to discern between a valuable post and a really valuable post would be too complicated for me to want to install here.

    “Yolegoman” wrote: I think that Wierdears and Banjo and Jacopo should just be labaled “Forum Trolls” under their avitar and go from there.

    Actually, Weirdears’s satirical trolling is some of the funniest material on this board. Also, it’s possible for some members to float in and out of troll-hood, always dancing around that line, and labeling them as a troll wouldn’t be completely fair. Perhaps we should just put “Spammer” under Yolegoman’s avatar, since his post count is 140 higher than the next closest member. :wink




    Me? Spammer? 😮

    *Considers deleting username and starting over*


    I am so embarrased lol 😳

    I’ve been trying to cut down on my posts, looks like I need to double the diet hehe

    I’ve got 421 posts! LOL!

    And a average of about 6 posts a day… thats not so bad.


    Drunken Farmer Ben

    I was going to try to respond to most everyone, but Ill just plain out say that it would not work out here… 🙂



    It would work… Make a script for film ratings, and use that in the Post/Review forum! 🙂

    That way people can rate a film, as well as give comments…


    Drunken Farmer Ben

    I didnt mean not work as in it couldnt be done, but not work in theory working into the community.

    And kinda OT, but forum related. Isnt there a limitation to avatar sizes? It may have been when we moved over, but Ive noticed some peoples are larger

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