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    “Bob Page” wrote: Please, force points would be awesome :)

    example : … /index.php

    The owner of the forum (Revmen) give tokens to people who posts on the forum. Every token worth ten points (only when you give it!) if you keep it, it worths nothing. So when a member who have tokens see a post that answer is question or see a funny post, he can give a token to the post so the writter receive +10 points

    The more points, the more helpful you are, and the more respect you have 😀

    P.S it will also be cool to make a points transfer system, like when I don’t have any token left, I can transfer 1 (or more…) point to someone


    This whole post is one big joke.
    No points, no token and none of the other user rating. Just grab your cam and do something.

    sorry for being such a jerk.

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    T, there’s nothing wrong anyone making suggestions, whether they seem like a good idea or not. It’s the whole point of the Site Redesign forum. If you don’t think a suggestion is a good idea, all you have to do is say you don’t think it’s a good idea, and hopefully you’ll give some reasons why you feel that way.

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    Sorry….. 😳

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    I thought about this idea for a while and I am not sure such kind of systems are *so* useful.

    About the film rating: We already have a rating system, that’s made by the comments every member is free to submit.
    Adding a 1-5 (or whatelse) rating system, we will add just a graphical aspect to a feeling: the appreciation of the movie itself.

    IMHO, this brings an advantage (seeing quickly what is the everage opinion about the film), but folows a major disadvantage, discouraging people, but the film’s author, to read comments.
    Tipically I would expect a user going to the post and reviews directory, looking at the actual rating and choosing to download it or don’t.

    It’s not my case (I download everything… 😛 ), but I think could be more interesting to leave people making their opinion about the worth if a film by reading comments and suggestions.

    About the respect a member can gain, do you really need a glittering medal to show around?

    I think respect is something coming from actions, not from a string below your avatar.

    i.e.: When I started lurking around this forum, Bluntman had published his “Freaks” saga from not so a long time. I found it a bit racist (especially the episode where a peacefull hairy freak – Hagrid’s mini – got kicked) and not so humoristic as supposed. At the sametime, a flame war with a member called Dark Jedi, and different other re-incarnations after banning, was the *leit-motiv* of the forum (90% of the post made by lot of people at that time were, IMO, against the Forum Rules).
    My final opinion about Bluntman was definitely not positive.

    Then Bluntman’s efforts to be helpful and useful to the community, became more and more evident to me. Sure, my change of mind was helped by very funny movies (I liked a lot some of the serie “seven movies in seven days”), but what he did were the real base for the my growing respect.
    I still don’t like some of his movies; I still do not like (maybe “understand” is a better word) his policy/jealousy about the characters he created, but for sure he has my respect for the efforts he made so far.

    Hope this will explain my opinion and that you consider the main point
    I think could be more interesting to leave people making their opinion about the worth if a film by reading comments and suggestions.

    as a costructive thumb-down.


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    the points could work towards the chat also…..
    if given enough points…..
    one would gain the ability to use the chat…….
    and access other “token”

    another strange suggestion

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    Bob Page

    cool! cannot wait for this new points system 😀

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    “RevMen” wrote: I’ve been just deleting pics out of people’s profiles that are obnoxiously large and then notifying them by PM. I think maybe I’ll just start deleting them without notification now.

    i was one of those with a larger picture and that happened to me
    i had tried to resize it but decided against it……
    i just went ahead and dropped the agent from matrix avatar and went with the decepticon avatar…….

    and i love it……
    (last half deleted for certain reasons)

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    Brian of Gep

    No offense intended,
    but if you’ve been on boards that long,
    wouldn’t you have learned how to spell correctly, punctuate, use complete thoughts,
    and not act like a twelve year old?

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    Proteus is by no means unique. You’d be surprised (or not, I don’t know) how many people in big business can’t string a coherent written paragraph together.

    On the subject of ratings/force points/midichlorians/whatever, I still don’t really understand the need for them. If you post sensibly and constructively, people will come to respect your opinions. Hands up if you need to see a points total to decide whether hali’s worth listening to.

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    It was a really bad day the day that i wrote the said “strung” paragraph/gibberish and as for the spelling……..when i have somthing come to my head I dont really take the time to check spelling or accurate punctuation .I am ,however, a lot calmer than i was the other day and as such, I would just like to see others accept us as normal people who have a life just like you .
    I mean, come on its not like we are a bunch of sunshine deprived hate the world kinda people that lurk under the cyberworld waiting for someone to screw with, Thats Saddams field. I and all of my friends would just like to say
    that hackers explore and learn,try to make the world a better place(i wish a miss america would say that…..).

    so you see we are unique buxton ….and I think im going to edit that post so that i dont offend someone again..
    I appologize for my rudeness.

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