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    Hello everyone!

    There seems to be some confusion about what people can post, and what they can’t. To wit, let me give out public guidelines about what will be moderated and what will not.

    Things that can cause a topic to be locked:

    1. Spam. Spam is defined as random nonsense and garbage that has nothing to do about anything. Spam is a topic, thread, or post that just fills up space and does no good to anyone. See below for what spam is not.

    2. Racist / homophobic / extremely graphic sexual stuff. etc. stuff. We have not had much of this.

    3. Really personal attacks or flame wars. It has to be pretty pointed or bad, though. Threatening language and threats. Good natured ribbing is ok.

    4. Blatently and meanly attacking a newbie. We are, and will be, extremely newbie friendly here. We are not some kind of filmmaker elitists. If you do not like newbies and wish to attack and flame them you are free to surf on over to Dejanews, become a regular, and flame away.

    5. Advertising for your site with the sole purpose of advertising your site. We all want to see the work you have done. But if you have something to show us, please give a quick writeup. If you want people to see a movie or hear about your contest, please give us a paragraph explaining this.

    6. Marketing/business. This is not a marketplace forum. You are welcome to mention that you could help someone on a project and ask them to contact you, but please do not use these forums as a place of business and shoot business cards back and forth IF you expect to derive revenue from these services. Private emails are the best way to do this.

    7. Please keep in mind that visitors to the forums can be of any age or come from anywhere in the world. Although most communication is done in fluent english, you must be tolerant of those whose communication skills are not equal to yours. This is covered under the “personal attacks” rule, but we just want to make sure we name this one specifically.

    8. The Post and Review section is for the posting of tests, clips or full movies to promote discussion of the hobby and to generate constructive criticism for the filmmaker. There is no requirement for great technical ability or film quality. You may choose to write a critique or even tell the person that their movie sucked … however, please do NOT tell them that they are not allowed to post their film their because it is not of a high enough standard. The Film Directory has standards for inclusion . . . the only standards that the forum area has are those that meet other rules here (no highly offensive material, racist or extremely homophobic material, etc.)

    9. Visitors are asked to remain civil. Disputes should be settled outside of the forums by email, or by contacting the moderators with a legitimate complaint. Please don’t take up valuable bandwidth with flame wars and ad hominem attacks. If you feel you have been wronged, please email a mod.

    10. Impersonating a member. Knowingly impersonating a known member of this community will get you traced and banned by IP address, email, and username FOREVER.


    Things that are ok:

    1. Threads of communication. It would be nice if you said more than a few words, but we see no reason to lock things that simply say “I agree with you”, or “Email me at this address”. The purpose of this forum is to communicate. Please do.

    2. Talk of other sites, award ceremonies other than the Brickfilms ones, etc. We are not the anti-competitive nazis here. We are a community. Brickfilms is not the only site out there.

    3. Just about anything else that has to do with filmmaking or LEGO. Please remember what this forum and site is about, and use the boards accordingly.

    In any community, there are of course going to be rivals, friendships made, etc. These things are going to lead to posts that are not 100% about filmmaking or LEGO. It is OK to post these things. If they get way, way, way off topic and start to become flame wars or spam, they will be locked. Other than than being a blatent @#%$, enjoy the forum.

    You don’t have to be nice or talk about filmmaking 100% of the time, but it would be nice if you stayed somewhat on topic. There are different forums for different topics, and the general one for everything else. Please also note that all bandwidth and hosting of this site costs us money which we take right out of pocket. It is a privelage to be on this site, not a right.

    If you have any questions or comments about what is allowed and what isn’t, please ask in the General Discussion forum and I will try to answer. Please also keep in mind that the mods are not automated robots and will either miss some things or bend the rules in some circumstances.

    If you see a violation of these rules, please email us at: (remove “_nospam_” )


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