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    Whenever,or sometimes,I try to make a video file,it plays the title,then stays like that.Even through the voices.It plays the first scene WAY after the movie is done. :x ………………… :lol:

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    I noticed something similar happening when I put together the promo thing in Vegas – it seemed to be mainly compressed avi files that just stayed on the first frame for ages, then suddenly jumped to halfway through.

    BTW, the colours on your new sig are awful – I had to really squint to read the writing. And I hate having to squint.

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    Your sig is very blurry and badly colored…..but this uasualy(the problem your having) happens to me when the file is very large…just make sure you compress it as much as you can and then its fine, just compress it to divx in vid.mac. after you are done creating the movie file, thats what i do. (eventhough i dont use LS that much anymore) but theres a quick solution to all of this…get a new cam…

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    I had a Web cam the WHOLE time,my dad’s video cam.It has a Tripod socket,so the cam stays still unless I bump into it. :P
    About the problem,when I posted Part I on my site,it worked fine.I know another way-Post the LS Project file and d-load it.Or I could use a file converter.Any of those out now that are cheap,or freeware? :D

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