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    The Janitor

    “Brian of Gep” wrote: Can anyone share a completely uncompressed hi-res shot?

    I want to see it’s full capabilities, please. 🙂

    (Preferably from someone who has good lighting, like The Janitor)

    I’m sorry, I’m slightly confused. What do you want to see a shot of? What do you want to see the full capabilities of?


    Brian of Gep

    I’m very sorry about that…

    Not only did I not state what I was talkign about, I posted that in the wrong thread.

    A shot of anything, taken with the Quikcam Pro 4000, at the highest resolution, uncompressed.

    Just one picture would be sufficient… I just want to know how high of quality it can achieve before I look into buying it.



    the AE motion blur isn’t crantastic but the one from
    http://www.revisionfx.com (get the motion blur demo) seems alright. It does some weird interacting with the background though ( i guess you could work hard and mask it)



    The Janitor

    Ah, I see now, Brian.

    I would be happy to supply you with such a picture. Unfortunately, though, my computer is not cooperating. Perhaps someone else can help Brian out? If not, I’ll get you a picture as soon as I can get my software working properly again.



    You know Go-motion wasnt used by ILM until they made “Dragonslayer.” Phil Tippet and Dennis Muran were caught in the problem of making a realistic dragon that would scare the audience. So they decided to make a full scale one. It didnt work, so they came up with attaching a model to dowls (sp?) similair to Japanese puppetry and hooked them up to the computer so that the comp. could minipulate the dowls as the shutter opened and closed giving that blur. Thats what I hate about stop motion, its got a shakey feel to it, because every frame is in focus when you take it.
    whew! thats enough history now the the whole point of the thread 😆 :
    I just used AE to do the motion blur, it works well.



    in lego studios, i can’t get rid of motion blur let alone trying to add it in 😀 😆



    you can also use Macromedia Fireworks MX or Photoshop for motion blur…



    in the newest version of videomach (2.7.2, i don’t know if it is in any others or not) there is a motion blur setting, where you can adjust it from 1 to 100, changing it frame to frame or whatever. i haven’t used it for anything yet, but i tried it out once, and what it did was make it look very surreal (it looked just like the wolf’s attack in Blood of the Wolf). the setting i used wasn’t the lowest however, and if you used the lowest one, you may be able to get the result you are looking for.

Viewing 8 posts - 11 through 18 (of 18 total)

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