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    The Hobbit, Excellent play and enjoyable, i like playing this game so far, would give higher ranking but for the slowness of updates for android and also the chat facility is very slow and keeps freezing . support however is good and does its best to keep you informed on your problems and complaints . so come on kabam before you send out future updates to apple users try and send out updates for android at same time.

    The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle Earth is a reskin of the same game Kabam has already released several times on the App Store, with a couple of minor twists to fit the Tolkienesque theme. Players are introduced to the construction of various types of building, upgrading structures and researching new technologies. Players are then led through a series of “recommended quests” that reward them for building up their forces and defenses in a logical fashion.

    Players are free to deviate from this in The Hobbit, but the rewards on offer for completing quests are often too good to ignore. The sequence of tasks the player is encouraged to perform is identical to Kabam’s other games, and places a strong focus on building up forces and upgrading buildings before even thinking about combat, giving the game a very slow-feeling pace.

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