great software for mac users

Hi gang,

I've been away from the forum for a LONG time cause I've been busy with lots of other things lately.
One thing I started working on a while back was a frame-capture software package for Mac users, because a good one didn't exist.
Well... someone else beat me to it. and i'm not gonna re-invent the wheel and waste time programming when i don't need to.

So, there's this software called FrameThief (should be added to the F.A.Q. *hint hint*) that does frame capture, frame averaging, onionskinning, lightboxing, drawing on frames and it can save frames as images to a folder, or compile them all into a movie automatically. nice! Plus, it works native on OSX! (hooray!)
Only downside is, it costs $40.

This is the best i've seen for Mac users. check it out. ( )