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    ” Just as this reunion is taking place Gandalf reappears, having ultimately defeated the evil Radagast; he reveals that there were actually two of him all along, and the other one is still trapped at Orthanc, now under the control of the wizard Saruman, Gandalf’s half-brother. Everybody goes to Orthanc and frees Gandalf’s twin, but the first Gandalf dies fighting Saruman at the top of Zirak-Ziogi, the great mountain of Japan.”



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    i just finished the fifth one, and thought it was reeealy good! Each book, Rowling throws some sort of “spice” in it, and keeps building from the spice, if you get what i mean…


    God i hated Umbridge! And also, what was that arch thing the sirius fell through? I never got that!


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    I skipped the first book and had Book 2 read to my class 3 years ago.
    I watched the films too. I remember what go me started on the 3rd book That Damn Harry Potter commercials on T.V. and the Order on PAy Per View. So one night I say to myself, what the heck and picked up the 3rd book. I must say reading it some how made me a faster reader and I have to say it’s my favorite book out of the series to this date. of course I haven’t finished Goblet Or even looked at Phoenix But I still believe Prisoner will be one of the best.

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    oh my gosh wandrer that has got to be the funniest things i’ve ever read! thats gold man… 😆

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    Bob Page

    “Tervuren” wrote: Its dangerous to read summeraries on the internet

    Teachers said this to me during all my high school 😆 But I had always 85% or more 😆 and I finished my high school with a very good grade

    so my conlcusion is : it’s more dangerous to read the book than to read summaries on internet (cause you only read the important stuff :) )

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    Its dangerous to read summeraries on the internet, I know of one particuler one designed just for people who don’t read the book.

    It was on the lord of the rings, they used the same names of people , and gave a very very different account then what happened in the book. A teacher must think it interesting to read a book report written from that summary, lol!

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    I read 1-1/2 of 4. 4 just was…too long. With 5 being longer, theres no way i could read it 😉 Its also gotta be pretty expensive 😯 :twitch:

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    Bob Page

    Sense of not you make = You make no sense (but in a cooler way 😆 )

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    Kapaluchi Studios

    I actually meant to say first chapter of the book, not few chapters. Anyway, I don’t really think that the first chapter or first few chapters determine the quality of the book. What do you mean by “Sense of not you make?”


    “Kapaluchi Studios” wrote: that’s not such a great way to judge a book; just reading the first few chapters and then saying that it sucks

    What? Thats the best way to judge a book. If you read the first few chapters and you don’t like the story, then in your opinon, it sucks! Why would he finish reading it? Sense of not you make.

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