HAT! Call for trailers!

From now up until BrickFest itself, anyone submitting an entry for the High Adventure Theatre contest is welcome and encouraged to release a trailer for their film.

Restrictions for the trailers are the same as restrictions for the film. Specifically, no copyrighted material that you don't have permission to distribute.

Otherwise you are free to create and release a trailer in whatever manner you feel will generate the most interest in your film. Keep in mind that how and when you release your trailer will have a bearing on people's impressions of your final release film. Timing and content will be crucial. Of course, this is assuming you release a trailer at all. You are certainly not required to do so.

Release your trailer through whatever channels you normally release a film. But please don't submit them to the film directory. Post them in the Post and Review forum and on your website, and you are perfectly welcome to post them in this thread, too.

We may be able to collect all of the trailers to a central location and link to them at the BrickFest website. Obviously we would do this to generate more interest in the films for people who will be attending the festival. Also, the film trailer contest has been scrapped. There will be no contest associated with these trailers, other than the HAT competition itself.

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