Hello Again!

Hi Everyone!
This is Elpee here! I used to be a regular on the old boards around the beginning of this year. But then i got distracted by school, my band and all that annoying stuff that gets in the way of hobbies. So after 5 months i came back to the site to find that the boards had been updated! I was a bit dissapointed to find that the rest of the site hadn't been updated yet but then i remembered how annoying site making (GOOD site making that is) can be. And i also remembered that the web making dudes probably have a life unlike me :P
So Just like to say hi to all the oldbies and also welcoming the newbies. It's nice to see some old and new talent on the boards and I'm looking forward to some more great movies from people :)
Elpee (or Luke.. whatever..)