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    you should also make sure that there are no animals or little kids around wherever you are working. There is a good chance they will end up knocking over the camera or mess up your set completely. 😎



    Yeah clear the area of people, and Jurrasica, head here.



    I use a tripod.



    I too use a tripod and stick the cam with a tape and it does not go wobbly…I also make sure that nobody is around when I am filming.



    It is good to create a stand out of LEGO. Not those which just support at the bottom, but one that goes all the way round it, so it’s like a case made out of LEGO, where the only the camera screen and the lens is uncovered, but if you don’t have many bricks, you can just make it so that it is like the ribbon on a present/gift in cartoons, where a thin bit covers each side. Fill all the space between the stand and the camera with Blu-tac or Play-doh.


    Galaxy Patrol

    The heavier the tripod the better–this creates for a really steady foundation. Some people put weights on the legs on the tripod to keep it steady.



    Well, if it’s a DSLR camera, the best choice is a tripod and remote, cause it’s specially made for that already…if it’s a cheaper digital camera, sticky tacs are great.

    Make sure the area around the camera is clear, not only of people, but things especially, cause you can easily move the camera a few inches just by reaching out to grab something (even LEGO).

    Currently I just sticky tac my camera and grip it real steady for every snapshot. That won’t go well for people with shaky hands, though. 😀


    Galaxy Patrol

    @Jackbrick101 Were you able to find a tip that worked. We’d love for you to share how it went with keeping your digital camera steady.



    The only good way is with a tripod


    Anna C.

    I use book stacks for low ground filming, and I sometimes put the camera on lego trucks for smooth movement from left to right.

Viewing 10 posts - 11 through 20 (of 20 total)

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