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    Lews Therin

    I just sorta watched it…I really REALLY enjoyed a certain part…
    the part where I clicked the ‘x’ and said “This movie blew”

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    What part did you enjoy?

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    omg… what jusy happened there? dude, that really sucked… the quality stunk and the voices were done by like… 5 year olds… You did that fart comp one too didn’ you? man thats offensive, not the movie… but the fact that you can call that a ….. ‘Movie’ 😕

    My opinion doesnt mean much, since My name hasn’t quite struck it big yet, in fact, I haven’t even released a movie i like enuf yet to even mention on these forums. But, I’ve thrown up stuff that looks better than that! 😆

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    Your Fart competition was WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY
    better than this,FC was 😕 and this was :nope:

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    What the **** was that???

    I took a look in my dictionary at the word ‘movie’. There it says: ‘a sequence of moving images’

    This movie didn’t have anything that was really moving…

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    WHAT WAS THAT??!!!!!!!

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    yo, did you ever see that part on the simpsons where itchy and scratchy get replaced by worker and parasite?

    that was the funniest thing I’ve seen since Stayin Alive.
    next time use more hilarious songs.

    -j-ru tha damaga

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    Wrong topic , theonewiththesharks

Viewing 8 posts - 11 through 18 (of 18 total)

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