Heroes and Villains Trailer Competition

Heroes and Villains Trailer Competition

This Sub-competition of the HaV contest is fairly self explanatory: make a trailer for your HaV entry. Trailers are due by June 6th, one week before the deadline of the HaV competition. RevMen will be providing a Brickfilms HaV DVD to the winner of the competition.

The winner will be picked with a simple poll, available only in the patrons forum. The poll will ask a simple question, "Which trailer has you most excited?". By posting this in the Patrons forum, I am hoping that voters will be honest enough to watch ALL the films before voting. The poll will run from June 6th until June 12th, the day before the Hav deadline. During that time, all entering patrons will be kicked out of the patrons forum. Winners will be announced in an awards chat along with the rest of the HaV results. Any trailer who does not have a film counterpart entered in the HaV competition will be disqualified.

Here is everything you need to know to enter:

1) A working link to alll entries must be received by Midnight Mountain Standard Time on June 6th, 2005. Entries cannot be publicly released until the deadline has passed. Email entries to david@brickfilms.com

2) Trailers can be no longer than one minute. Remember, the films these trailers are for are going to be less than eight minutes long.

3) All trailers must have atleast one version available that is no greater than 3MB.

4) An email adress to send entries to and and ftp account to upload films to will be posted sometime in the future.

5) Remember, there is a possibility that these will be on the DVD. Keep it copyright safe. This includes music.

Prize: One brickfilms Heroes and Villains DVD

These are the entries that have been received so far: