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    David West

    UPDATE: An email adress has been added that you can send your films to. Anyone hosting on their own space, feel free to send me your trailers as soon as they’re ready.



    Hey my trialer is 4.80 MB’s is that alright? I sure hope it is OK because its the smallest I can get it.




    No, the rules say it can be no larger than 3MB. Sorry.



    David West

    This first trailer is in!

    As for your question, Alien: I will not except it unless there is atleast one version that is a Real Media file under 3MB. I guarantee you you can get it smaller.



    1) A working link to alll entries must be received by Midnight Mountain Standard Time on June 6th, 2005. Entries cannot be publicly released until the deadline has passed. Email entries to david@brickfilms.com

    So does that mean that I can post the trailer on my website then give you the link to the website?



    You can upload it to your website’s server, but you can’t post the link on your website until after the deadline. However, you need to send the link to David West.




    ok this is great, I should have a trailer between that date.

    P.S CometGreen, your sig is so funny, I saw that movie, that would be just wrong to make one.




    2 things:
    Firstly can i submit my trailer in AVI format?

    And secondly, I’ve tried to compress the trailer as clos to 3mb as I can without damaging the quality, is 3.01mb alright?



    If you submit your trailer in .rm format, you can get very small filesize and keep your quality.

    It is possible to have a 1 minute file at 1.78 megs, and have a 720×380 resolution. It may appear a slight bit darker than you want it to, but there is no significantly visible quality damage.


    David West

    One week until the deadline, people.

    Little_studios, you must submit an RM version of your film. You can release an AVI version of the film on your own, but to qualify I must receive a sub 3MB RM version.

    For anyone having trouble compressing a film, here is a simple tutorial for Real Producer, which can be found in the resources.

    An Idiot’s Guide to Compressing a Movie

    Once you have downloaded and opened Real Producer, click on the “Browse…” button. It is located very near the center of the screen, clicking it on it will bring up a window. This is where you will pick the file you want to compress. Once you have selected the desired file, click “Open” in the lower right hand corner of the window. You have now opened the file for compression.

    Next, click on the “Audiences” button, just to the right of the “Browse…” button. Another window will open up, and here you will pick your desired compression rate. You will notice 2 lists of bitrates in the lower half of this window. The list on the left are all the bitrates that you can choose from, the list on right contains the bitrates that you have selected. By default, there are three bitrates already selected. These are 16, 20, and 34kbps. Using these will result in a very poor quality movie. Select them, and click the trash can icon at the bottom of the window. This removes the selected bitrates. Now, select the desired bit rate from the list on the left. 8mb/minute of movie is the generally accepted standard here on brickfilms, and all bricfilms contests from HAT onward feature this as their compression limit. To achieve this, you must compress at 400kbps or less. As real producer does not have 400kbps as an option, we will have to settle for less. I reccomend 350kbps. There are several options that compress to a bitrate of 350kbps, I usually choose the one named “384k DSL or Cable”. Click on the desired bitrate, and click the black arrow. This will move it into the right hand list. Change the options in the drop down menus as desired, but leaving them all as they are will be sufficient. Once you have done all of this, exit this window.

    You are now ready to encode your movie! To begin the encoding process, click the button labled “Encode”. It is in the lower right hand corner of the screen, and has a red dot on it. Encoding can take several minutes, depending on how long your movie is. Once it is done encoding, you can click on the button that has an arrow and the RealOne logo on it to view your compressed movie. The compressed film will be saved in the same folder as the uncompressed one is.

Viewing 10 posts - 21 through 30 (of 51 total)

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