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    Jedi Knight

    Wow, this is bad. I had so many good ideas in my head for this one, and I was real excited too. I have already done a lot of planning. There is no way I could do my entry with mega bloks.


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    Damn it! Now I got a lot of music artist and voice actors to inform about this turn of events. I have very little option since I’ve already begun animating. I’ve spent quite a lot to begin with on Lego for this contest.

    I say no to #1, and I’m tempted to go for #2.

    This is bull***!

    If it comes down to #3, my bricklink shop will have some new additional product :x .

    I would like a copy of that letter to show to the music artist I’ve contacted. They are not going to be happy about this.

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    The Letter

    Don’t do anything drastic just yet, like get your musicians in an uproar. We’ll figure something out.


    I’ve taken it down, I think it was probably a bad idea to post it in the first place.

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    Quote “The LEGO Group was suprised to learn that you had initiated a new stop-motion animation creation and skill contest…”

    suprised….right….I’ll bet they were waiting for this contest to be announced.

    “The LEGO Group of companies and its global consortium of its related entites reserve the exclusive right to review the content of any HaV entry and verify it meets our terms for eligibility.”

    This a ballsy statement. Once you’ve made a DVD with films using megablocks(which they kindly “permitted” us to use), let them buy it and review it.


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    Uh oh. :|

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    Oh poop chickens
    Girrrr much ass kick’n must be done. I think bluntmans statement covers it

    “Blunty” wrote: Josh, what have you done?
    I’m going to have to take action.

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    Oh dear…
    Unforntunatly, I do not have Megabloks, so I’m still not entering the contest for that.
    Darg, Lego’s so evil!
    But I do feel sorry for them being so stupid turning the Star Wars minifigs pink fleashed. :roll
    Quick Edit: Wait a minute, this gives me an idea for a short film…

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    Film Brain

    So LEGO likes the fact that we are doing this, but hates us because we are using thir products? That’s messed up.

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    I blame Cometgreen.

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    “Z” wrote: I agree, I think we should do Mega Bloks animation. It wouldn’t be a true Brickfilms.com contest if Brickfilms.com wasn’t running it.

    I don’t know, I didn’t feel that the 10BC was any less important for me than it would have been if held by brickfilms.com. It wasn’t as big of course.

    I think there are some renowned people here who could take over the current event and it wouldn’t be any less important or “official”. We all know who initiated the contest and that should be enough to make it a brickfilms.com contest in our eyes.

    Not using LEGO products will be a big problem for some people. As has been said in another thread, there are no Megabloks or Best-locks over here in Germany as of yet. Ordering them from abroad will take some time and people will first have to figure out what sets and how many of them they need, how to animate the different figures and so on. Let alone any financial problems a new collection of bricks might cause, especially for younger contestants.

    I’m not going to enter for lack of time in the next months, but I still hope for a classic brickfilms contest and look forward to the entries, regardless whether they use LEGO bricks or not.


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