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    Oh no, this is bad!

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    As bad as this is, I think I finally got the push I needed to take the next step. I’ve had this idea to use Bionicle figures as armatures for Latex puppets. They have ball joints and are arguably a lot cheaper than actual steel armatures. Now I’ll just have to start practicing my sculpting and figure out how this puppet production business works.

    Stefan, going full speed ahead, never looking back!

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    Can’t we make this contest non-commercial? No prizes and no DVD? As far as i understood it’s then ok to use lego.
    I don’t have other stopmotion figures so..

    Or we just screw up TLC and ignore them :D
    (yes i know this is no option)


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    i got a box of “clone bricks” from tesco, they look exactlly the same
    they will never know the difference.
    anywho lets prowl for a loophole.

    what was the advantage of brickfilms going comercial anyway?

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    lets stand and fight, for all that is well and true, together we can crush the great empire, know to many as lego.

    We shall not bow down to our opressers, I have nothing. lego Men fight for me because if they do not, I throw them off my land and I starve their wives and children.

    Those men who bled the ground red at the lego shop fought for the animation of bricks. He fights for something that I never had. And I took it from him, when I betrayed him.

    I saw it in his face on the battlefield and it’s tearing me apart. All men betray. Ancestors, I ask you for your guidance. Blessed mother, come to me with the Gods’ desire for my future.

    Blessed father, watch over my wife and son with a ready sword. Whisper to them that I live only to hold them again, for all else is dust and air.

    Ancestors, I honor you and will try to live with the dignity that you have taught me. All lose heart.

    so lets not bow down to lego.


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    right on

    edited the double post…dewfilms

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    The letter looks official, and I think RevMen could get into a lot of trouble if he made such a thing up. For one thing, the LEGO legal people wouldn’t be happy with an impersonation such as this.

    No, I am afraid this thing is true, and to me the only immediate solution seems to be transferring the contest over to someone else. At any other time I’d have loved to take over the running of this contest, but unfortunately my graduation project demands a lot of my time right now.


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    I’m not quite sure exactly how to respond to this just yet. But I will say this:

    Please do not complain to LEGO directly. This forum is the appropriate place. Ultimately this is Josh’s site and Josh’s company. I want him to collect all of our thoughts and then send them to the proper people. It is his responsibility.

    Some of us (and you know who you are) are prone to being overexcited and tend to talk before you think, the last thing I want to see, is us being given a bad reputation by some unprofessional e-mails and letters.

    So, I repeat: DO NOT complain to LEGO right away. Let Josh use the proper methods.

    — Robert

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    Too bad TLC has to screw up a fine, nice contest.
    – BertL

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    On a side note. Was there an e-mail address attached? For I would like to give them a piece of my mind.

    – Andrew Who is still not falling for this.

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