Heroes and Villains: Villains identified!

It seems the LEGO Company has decided to assume the role of Villain.

In February I formed Brickfilms into its own company, Brickfilms LLC. The operation of the site isn't any different, I just don't own brickfilms' assets anymore, they all belong to the company. It's no big deal, just a way to help me out on taxes a little and to do sales of merchandise the "right way."

Well apparently TLC watches this site pretty regularly, because it took them just under 2 months to notice that Brickfilms is now a company and dispatched to me a letter complaining about the HaV contest. I'll post it for you guys in a bit.

Apparently, because of the prizes involved in the contest, and because the site is now owned by a company, the contest is some sort of commercial endeavor. To cut straight to the point, LEGO doesn't want us using their products in any of the HaV films.

I'm not sure what we should do about this. The way I see it, here are our options:

1) We resolve to use no LEGO products in our films. Only Megablocks, Best-Lok, whatever. I'll also relax the requirement on stop-motion animation; 3D, flash and cell animation will all be fine.

2) I turn the contest over to someone else to run, someone not associated with the company Brickfilms LLC. Whoever it is will have to keep everything organized and make sure BrickFest gets handled correctly without any help from me. I will donate whatever prizes I can from the company to whoever handles the contest.

3) We cancel the contest.

I'm in favor of option 1. I say we thumb our noses at LEGO and do our contest the way we want to do it. There are plenty of alternatives to LEGO, and other alternatives to stop motion animation. Down with The Man!



I'm taking the letter down because I'm not sure it's such a good idea to distribute it. That was probably a poor decision on my part.