Heroes and Villains

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    You, as a director, must decide whether to tell a tale of virtue, or a story of evil. All genres are fair game; be as creative as you like in making a world where you may bring your portrayal of Heroism or Villainy to life. Will you seek fame? Or will you strive for infamy? The choice is yours.

    Many films portray both, like… Lord of the Rings. I guess here it is pointed out that the main character can be bad. 😕

    “RevMen” wrote:
    I know, HaV doesn’t spell anything. I decided proper wording of the theme was more important than a clever acronym

    Well, with WOW, APE and HAT there was a cool tradition… HaV sounds and looks like HAT. Maybe someone could come up with a clever wording using synonyms for the “good and bad”? Or is this version absolutely final?

    “CrystalBrick” wrote:
    because I don’t have the skills and tools to make my own music, I am going to rethink my opinion, and maybe not enter at all.

    Don`t give up! Many links to free music sites have been posted in these forums and I think rstudios` film Cold Comfort features a soundtrack by a musician Robert found on the internet.

    Hey there has also been discussion on a brickfilms.com audio library. http://www.brickfilms.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=6829

    “johannes” wrote: anyway, i might even participate.

    Dude, did you miss the 8-minute maximum time limit? 😛



    no i didnt, i said I MIGHT 🙂 (yes after tapporalli sequel if i have inspiration, camera and time)



    Say Rev, why didn’t you make it BAG?

    Bad and Good.



    “RevMen” wrote: The theme of this contest is Heroes and Villains. Your film should portray someone who is Heroic, or someone who is Villainous.

    Just to make sure, is this a non-exclusive OR? Is it ok to portray good and bad equally in one film?

    I suppose entries must not be shown or released anywhere before the deadline?




    “BertL” wrote: Say Rev, why didn’t you make it BAG?

    Bad and Good.

    Maybe because Heroes and Villains sounds so much cooler?



    Please don’t waste time discussing alternative titles for the contest, Josh has decided on that one and is not likely to change his mind.

    Also, please ensure you read all of his oroginal post and the entire thread before asking questions for clarity, as you may find your question has already been answered.

    (Actually, if they don’t read the thread, they won’t see that point! It’s a bit like leaving a sign for a blind man to read!)

    For copyright free music, there was a whole host of posts around the time of HAT. Could someone edit the thread and repost it as a sticky in this forum?

    I think this is an excellent theme, absolutely wide open for subject matter and storylines. I am really looking forward to what the community will bring forward for this contest Josh, well done. My usual offer of help applies.

    Uh oh….a search for HAV on Google reveals the second link as ‘Bonsai on the web’ – http://www.hav.com/bonsai

    Another one reveals that HAV stands for Hepatitis A Virus – a debilitating disease lasting for several months.

    Doctor: I’m afraid you have got HAV
    Patient: Is that bad?
    Doctor: You will be severely debilitated by the need to animate for a few months, but the prognosis is good. I can see that after June 13th there will be a reduction in the debilitation, but an increase in anxiety levels, but there should be some relief in July when your final test results are announced.



    .HAV is also the file extension for VideoMach’s internal file format (i.e. that’s what VideoMach makes when you ask for a preview).




    Hav is also a Japanese band.

    Wow, ape hav hat? Except in the wrong order… Darn, I really need a Delorean.



    Trés magnifique!

    I know, HaV doesn’t spell anything.

    Not a problem. Ever hear of word coinage? From now on, hav is the feeling you get when you realize that an acronym spells nothing.



    I am definately entering…… I could use the film im making at he moment for it so it ties in quite well. (I havn’t started filming yet but…) yeh great im in 😀

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