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    DJ Hankey

    Hi my name is DJ Hankey but you can call me DJH for short.
    I have just recently started stop-motion animation with some legos i found around my house. I got inspired to do it by watching really funny videos of this kid that is my age that does videos of his own skits with legos.
    So since i just started can you give me some tips on how to build cenery and ideas for videos.



    Welcome to Brickfilms!

    Glad to see you’ve taken an interest to Brickfilming. For tips on getting started, you may benefit from reading the following post. http://www.brickfilms.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=70

    It is best to have a good quality camera such as a QuickCam 9000 or QuickCam 4000. However, you may use many different types of cameras. Some older Brickfilmers use or used the LEGO Cam. However, due to its poor quality, most refrain from using it.

    You also need proper software. For capturing frames, MonkeyJam is an excellent program. It is freeware (which means that is does not cost to download the program), and may be downloaded here. http://www.giantscreamingrobotmonkeys.c … nload.html

    For support on MonkeyJam, you may search the Internet using Google or any other search engine. You may also search the forums here on Brickfilms.com as well as Bricksinmotion.com

    What often makes a good Brickfilm is the script upon which it is based. For help with writing a script, you may want to view preexisting films as well as subjects that are portrayed in novels, online, and on channels such as the History Channel.

    Special Effects are not a necessity, but they may aide in providing a visual treat for your Brickfilm. If special effects are laid on too heavily, they may ruin a perfectly good Brickfilm.

    You may want to create a story board, which details the actions of each different shot of a film, as a reference to help you create your scenery and to help you film, choosing the right angles and shots in the process.

    Building your scenery may take varying amounts of time, from a few moments to several hours. It depends on how detailed you’d like your set to be. You want your set to be easily maneuverable, but you do not want to have to rebuild it after every frame you capture. Be sure to create scenery that has a constant continuity. You do not want to build a wall with several hundreds of different colored LEGO bricks. Think about it. Do real houses have walls that are made as such?

    Have your scenery fit the idea and flow of your film. Lighting is also a valuable factor. You do not want a constant light flicker in your video, as it detracts from the quality of the film. Be sure to light the various scenes in a manner that you will be able to work with.

    Anchor down your sets! This is one of the important aspects of making a Brickfilm. Numerous set bumps may cause a great deal of shakiness in your film, which may detract from the overall quality.

    For further help in Brickfilming, you may search both Brickfilms.com as well as www.bricksinmotion.com. You may also PM members of the website for help after you’ve completed searching.

    I hope that I have answered your question as fully as possible. :D

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    What he said ^

    Or you could just use CGI like me :)

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    For further help in Brickfilming, you may search both Brickfilms.com as well as brickfilms.com . You may also PM members of the website for help after you’ve completed searching.

    He means search Brickfilms.com OR BRICKSINMOTION*DOT*COM

    Preferably bricksinmotion

    They have a filter on bricksinmotiondotcom because theyre gay.

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    Mind your words Rstenoven!

    And hi DJH! Lets see your films!

    Cheers Arend

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    You know, I’m pretty sure if an admin lift the filter, the harshnes son that part would be gone, just like the filter. Personally I think it’s stupid to try to hide another site just because it’s catering to the same audience.

    DJH, welcome :) Looking forward to seeing your stuff!

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    I was talking about him using the word “gay”. Remember I am against the filter…

    cheers Arend

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    I love www.bricksinmotion.com.

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    Darth Bocaj

    “BertL” wrote: I love www.bricksinmotion.com.

    I love www[i].[/i]bricksinmotion[i].[/i]com.

    8-) nice technique

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    DJ Hankey

    Thank you everybody for the awesome tips.


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