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    just made a account im working on a film i will add it at the end of january 😎 visit my site




    “Lewis 97” wrote: Instead of going for monkeyjam I have purchased vegas, although I cannot work out how to edit the fps!!! Can anyone possibly help?

    Hmm, I thought Vegas was editing software and not animation software…

    Also DJH, a handy tip. Try to build the film around the script. Basically make the script, record it on a decent mic, load it up, THEN work out how many frames you will need to take for certain words… Make the animation, and last add the cherry on the cake. Special FX. :mrgreen:

    That’s a very good tip. That way, you never animate too much or too little.



    there is tons of animation and specialFX software to download. i use monkey jam cos it is easy and free 😀 . also i have a tip.blutac down your sets ❗



    Welcome to brickfilms! If you use a webcam/digital camera, you should use animator DV. But other than that it looks like you’re set!



    Welcs! How long have you been BFing?
    (Translation: Welcome! How long have you been Brickfilming?)



    I am totally agreed with you.
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    Hi evgenia, welcome to brickfilms.

    We usually don’t bump old topics in forums outside of Post and Review, so make sure you check the latest post date before posting :wink



    What are the pros and cons of starting an animation studio in Mumbai? Hi, im thinking of starting a business in the animation industry. Can any please advice me as to how good is the idea of starting this business.
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Viewing 8 posts - 11 through 18 (of 18 total)

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