How can i make my camera sturdy without tripod!?

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    Hi i use canon sd1100 for brickfilming.
    but its a newest camera on canon so i don’t think they have a capturing software. i just decided to capture images from my camera. so i want to my camera to be REALLY STURDY, that it won’t move around. but i have to change the angle of the camera, so it has to be clean where i left off, if its like stick tack.
    oh ya, is sticky tack or blu tack fun tack what ever it is,
    can it hold my camera sturdy????
    please be detail!



    thanks alot

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    You could try building a cradle out of bricks(You build them around the camera but obviously leave gaps for the lens and buttons etc.) This would help as you could then attach it to your set reducing bumps and it should be reasonably easy to move around for different shots.

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    Well i don’t have enough bricks…
    you think i should just buy a webcam to be easier?

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    Even woth a webacm, you’d still ahev to find a way to keep the camera sturdy. Of cousre, it would also use loess bricks if you ahd one too

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    I Could Make Instructions for You if You PM me a Picture of Your camera I can show you how to make one with very few bricks.

    And As for Your last Question Try MonkeyJam.

    Here Is The Link


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    Tape it down with masking tape, i’ve done this many times, leaves no mess.

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    I ussually use a couple of bricks to make it steady, using tape sounds good too, I think I’ll try tomorrow.

    P.S. Just don’t forget to adjust everything manually in order to avoid lightflickers…. I’ve had problems with that recently since I’m a newbie with Digital Cameras and a veteran with webcams… :)

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    Most cameras have a metric thread M6 mounting hole on the bottom. You could epoxy a M6 bolt to a lego plate, or drill a lego plate and bolt them together. The plate then fixes to your base board and would be very secure.You would only need a few bricks for this.This has the added advantage that you can rotate your camera about the bolt if you want angles other than 90 degrees.

    Other options include using wood bolted to your camera as detailed above then holding the wood in a small hobby vice attached to your table. I’ve also used G clamps. (To clamp the wood not the camera!!!)

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    Playdoh. It works like a charm if you have a 1 or 2 second delay set on your camera. :)

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    In the future could you please not bump so much? You can tell how old the thread is by looking at the top right hand corner and you can see that the last time anyone posted in this thread was way back in August, 2009.

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