how do iget 30fps done?please help me out!(newbie)

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    hi everyone,i am a new excited brickfilmer or want to become one actually,but i have no idea about the frames per second thing,i downloaded now so many diferent programms but none seems to be easy.even windows movie maker is a bit jerky all the time,its not smooth and i think it goes only up to 15fps not how do i get 30fps?
    i am using a lumix photocamera with 3mpx set.then paste the pics into the movie maker.
    i am under time pressure,cause i am working on a movie for a contest which ends february 26. and i have not figured anything out yet.if anyone can explain this to me with the fps i would really appreciate it.
    thank you and regards

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    Didn’t you put this on BiM? 😕

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    FPS means frames per second.
    It is how many frames you’ll need to make one second.
    If the fps is high, you will take more pictures than with a low fps.
    Monkeyjam lets you import the pictures and you can select 30 fps.
    But, i think you should start off with 15 fps – many of the best brickfimers use that.

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    Try 15fps… You will get bored after a minute…. Also it is very smooth. You do not have to use more than that

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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