How do you make lego people move in the air?

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    How do you make lego people move in the air?

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    Move in the air like flying as a bird or just jumping ?

    You can hand your minifig to a green lego brick, and then with a Chroma Kay, you replace the green by the background

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    I don’t have photoshop or any thing like that on my computer.

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    Ivana May K’moovi

    try tying fishing line to their arms and video taping. :brickmiss:


    Bafran works pretty well too.

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    Well, I have a lot of experience with Chroma Key, but a green brick would not work out well as it wouldn’t look clear on screen.

    What you need is a solid green background if you play on Chroma Keying. For example, I’d recommend heading out to walmart or Michael’s arts and crafts store or even staples and picking up a big green piece of paper. It’s more then enough to use for your minifigure and if you buy a few you can even use them for your sets.

    Another alternative is take a picture of your minifigure and edit the background out with a green solid color and then go into Chroma Keyer and key it out and apply motion tracking.

    For Chroma Keying I’d recommend Sony Vegas (PC only) or Final Cut Express (Mac only) and for motion tracking – go with Sony Vegas.

    Hope I helped.

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    Chroma keying is way to much trouble to go to for a simple effect that can be achieved with the awesome universal technique of “Masking”.

    We should have a tutorial or ten around here on it so have a search and if all else fails then Google it!

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    You should also use just put the photo of background and the lego man on top of the the background then it will rub out the brisk and voila or just go to xxxfancypantsxxx tutorial

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    you know, you CAN just not do minfigures flying 😛
    but i just hold it and keep my hand out of the camera if i need to do it (just kidding) :rotfl

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    Also,when you are masking stuff, you want to prevent light flickering, because you want to get the exact background.

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