How do you make lego people move in the air?

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    You should also use just put the photo of background and the lego man on top of the the background then it will rub out the brisk and voila or just go to xxxfancypantsxxx tutorial

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    “legofilmer96″ wrote: Gimp!

    And here is a tutorial for masking w/ gimp.

    I’d Go With Gimp…Way Simple, I Use It….VERY VERY EASY

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    you know, you CAN just not do minfigures flying :P
    but i just hold it and keep my hand out of the camera if i need to do it (just kidding) :rotfl

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    The way I have done it is to suspend them with fine fishing line, which shouldn’t show in the final film (but you have to be careful with the lighting angle!), so no need to edit the photos on a computer. I explained it in more detail in a post last year:

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    The best way to do it is with masking. I prefer Gimp to do this ( but you could use paint also ( Here is a tutorial for Gimp masking:
    Here is a tutorial for Paint masking:

    Hope this helps!
    Dino Boy Pteradon

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    Also,when you are masking stuff, you want to prevent light flickering, because you want to get the exact background.

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    “Ivana May K’moovi” wrote: try tying fishing line to their arms and video taping. :brickmiss:

    ok that doesnt work :shake

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    I agree that masking is the best way to do it. Moving the lego character is one of the challenging parts in brickfilming.

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    I also had the same query with the post starter because I need to a scene where in two lego characters are fighting kung-fu so they also have to float once in a while. The replies helped me a lot, and gave additional ideas on how I can successfully finish the scene.

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