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    I use clear thread. It works much better than the average fishing line because it is about 1/6 the thickness and it is still strong enough to use. Then just build a rig hidden above the frame to hang the fig from. If you want blur then just give the fig a little push. When done you might(depending on movie resolution) want to edit out the tiny line. Much easier than a blu screen, more realistic than standing on bricks.



    I always suggest sticking them to a piece of glass (or perspex/plastic to be safer?) suitably angled to avoid any glares/reflections…
    this is what we did for the carbonite flying thru the air in ‘the Han Solo Affair’
    If it’s good enough for Stanley Kubrick (the zero-g floating pen in ‘2001’), then it’s good enough for Legomovies! 🙂

    Bluescreening is ok, but if possible it’s often better to do this kind of stuff in camera, much less hasstle and better lighting interaction etc….



    that glass thing isnt a bad idea..
    i might give it a go sometime
    i got (i think) is clear thread. Its really thin, compared to fishing line, although its much more difficult to handle
    anyway, if you use it, how do YOU connect the line to thelego man/object



    This thread’ll be good when I make a scene with someone jumping. 🙂


    Night Fox

    You could also make the movie with them having a sword in thare hand or a large gun and hold the gun to whare it is always out of the pic. Like in the movie Invincible from bluntmation. Thats how he did his.


    The Janitor

    It seems to me like masking has the most potential for good jumping. Watch Ninja Thief by egoless productions to see what I’m talking about.



    I usually make them jump by a wall or something so I can use a little peice of that sticky blue stuff to make them stay there for the picture. It works pretty good! I also use a technique I like to call rewinding, which is basically the same as throwing the lego guy but instead you drop him so he does the exact oppisite of what you want him to do and then you split the clip a whole bunch of times and rearrange it backwards so it looks like he is jumping.


    In the wrestling match, I used the clear plastic boom that came w/ the lego studios sets (in my case, spiderman). Then I used paint to cover it up w/ parts of the background.



    in my series i am currently working on i have to use the toss it up technique to make it look like the ships are actually airborne and not computer generated………
    and sometimes on planetsurfaces i just run an extra cable outside for my cam and record using a self constructed flight rig(1/4 inch steel pipe does wonders for movement) it allows the ships to fly without being seen on the camera via fishing line and old guitar strings…

    you will need to spray the lines an opaque dusted type color to reduce glare……
    then you attach them to the ship………………………

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