How do you pay for premiere? everyone seems to have it….

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    *cough* pirates *cough* Im a student of the University of New Mexico so I got it for a very cheap price.

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    ok after all the bickering is anybody gonna answer the question? premier inst all its cracked up to be. if you want some good stuff get Adobe after effects. it can do almost anything premier can except for some transitions and soem cheap junk which many people are having trouble with by the way. get after effects because it does the same thing plus all the amazing FX you can do with it. :)

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    no i cant get a job im in middle school and cant even go outside by myself… delivering newspaper is out of the question…and its only 10cents per block where i live..

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    Brian of Gep

    Being in middle school is no excuse to not have a job.

    I, too, am in middle school, but I have a job.
    And I had one last summer.
    And I earned enough to build a computer,
    and that expense doesn’t even begin to compare with how much money I’ve spent on my girlfriend…

    Fine then, don’t deliver newspapers.
    Bag groceries, file papers, clean up..
    Finding a job isn’t hard if you care enough to try.

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    This might be an opportunity to get Premiere (albeit a slightly older version) for not too much cash: … gory=21166

    Yep, it’s an auction, yep it’s used, but it would sure beat the WMM, wouldn’t it?

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    “wandrer2″ wrote:
    Oh, and IndyA: get a job! In my country, about two to three months of delivering newspapers (every morning) will make enough money for it.



    Seroiusly though, if you want it that bad, save up for it. 500 isn’t that much.

    Sell all those video games that you have on ebay, and you’ll have enough for premeire AND photoshop! 😛

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    The Janitor

    If you are a student of any kind you should be able to get pretty good acedemic discounts at places like I believe Mrgraff mentioned this briefly.

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    Guys, is the program $500 US or Canadian. I’m Canadian so I would have to pay about $750 for it! It’s hard to get a job when you live in a small town.

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    U.S. Lol

    Don’t worry a bit, you can make GREAT MOVIES without any Adobe Products!

    Save the money for College!

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    good advise. It’s just that I am going to be receiving $50 to spend on movie equipent of my choice so i’m looking around at what would be usefull but it all seems to expensive
    What are the main programs you use, Yolegoman?

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