How to Make 3D Camera Movement (In Any stop-Motion)

Okay, well before you start, I'm going to have to ask you to get the following items: 1 or 2 boxes, tripod, duct tape, and your camera. NOW lets start. Depending on how big your tripod is, grab a box, and place it where you would normally put your tripod. Then, place the tripod onto the box(es) and mark where the three legs stand. Take the tripod of and put "looped" duct tape on the spots you marked. Then, place your tripod onto to the duct tape. Attach your camera, and you are ready to go! Now how the heck is this going to help you? Well now that the tripod is on the box, you'll be able to make a very gradual camera movements. To get you started, make a test video to see what you need to work on. If you do not know how to do the stop-motion part, follow these steps: First, move the box to the right half a centimeter Second, rotate the box just a little Third: Take a snapshot Repeat the process about 15 times, then make it into a movie!