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    hey guys i though we could show eachother what it looks like when your filming well for me its a mess. and now i have to film in my office since theres no comp in my room well check it out

    Yea and this is only half my legos :wink

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    Mr. Less

    Here comes the story of the hurricane!


    The man authoritys came to blame!


    For somethng that he never done! Put in a prison cell but one time he coulda been the champion of the WORRLD!

    Heh heh


    :twitch: what, what in the hell are you talking about!

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    “And that is only half my Lego”

    You poor boy… that would be only about a 5th of my Lego!


    Lucky dog to have the whole desk to yourself, though, I really need to get a laptop, don’t I?


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    Mr. Less

    2 words for you, darksideoflego. Bob. Dylan. 8-)

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    From what I could make out, you room looks like some sort of prison in the middle of the night…. But it’s a nice try!
    EDIT: I’m seeing actual stuff now! cool!


    urned it off, i’ll edit this when its back on

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    You call THAT a mess? You obviously haven’t been to my room, then ;)


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    What are those two things on the chair? Are they, by any chance, road plates with blue masking tape? :eyebrow:

    Maybe I’ll take a pic of the coffee table I now use for filming. Man, there’s hundreds of small pieces lying on it, along with paper, magazines, rail road, a flashlight, and a few books. Plus, my parents are away, so you have no idea what my house looks like right now. I recently ordered some lego and camcorder accessories, so there are boxes everywhere. Now I just need to summon the strength to clean it up…


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    sadly, i have nothing messy to brag about. I just moved to a new house for remodeling, and the space for filming is two times smaller. *sighs* i should have appreciated my old room when i had the chance….

    now i might have to ask to rent my sister’s room, which has a huge filming area. I’d bet she might actually charge me to use the room….

    Oh well, i’ll do the best i can to get my pirate film done.

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