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    I read in a science mag that there is a way to travel far into the future in a short time (the catch is that there isn’t a way to go back in time). To travel into the future you have to be going REALLY fast, and according to the magazine the only thing that could whip something fast enough is a black hole. 😮



    “Brian of Paco” wrote: For those of you who don’t believe in time travel, it is possible. All you have to do is rearange all the molecules, atoms, quarks and tauons (depending on the level of theoretical physics you believe in) in the univers to the exact location and state they were in the time you want to travel to. Sure it’s not easy, but it’s time travel for cryin’ out loud.

    Unfortunately, I really doubt there’s any other way to do it.

    That’s true…except you’d probably destroy the fabric of space-time with you. That’s a big risk just to go back to see the premiere of Racer. 😉

    And time travel to the future is easy: Park yourself near a black hole, where time is slowed, wait a few minutes, and hey! You could have passed by a few hours, a few years, or a few millenia, depending on how close to the black hole you get (just don’t get near the event-horizon :)).



    Mr. Less

    But i make them not include the stupid set. Which was pointless.



    time can be altered speed wise, as an optical illusion (light-doppler effect), but you’re not going to be able to truly go back in time. Head above the speed of light towards a planet, “time” speeds up, head away, time slows down, then eventually reverses, however you won’t actually be there.

    that is what einstein’s stuff states, right?



    Yep. You have to imagine the universe as a blanket being held up from the ground, and the planets, stars, etc are on this blanket. The more mass they have, the more the objects sink closer to the ground. Time is slows as you get closer to a large gravity point. Which is why, if you go near a black hole, people on earth may be a year older, while you’ll only be a minute older. If you go into deep space, say inbetween our galaxy and the Andromeda Galaxy, people on earth may be a minute older, while you’ll be a year older. The basics of relativity isn’t that hard to understand.

    energy=mass*speedoflight^2 😉




    Actually, I think Einstein’s stuff is more like this:

    Nothing can go faster than light.
    No matter how fast you are going, light ALWAYS appears to be going the same speed.
    So if you’re travelling very fast, for light to maintain its same speed, your time needs to slow down.
    If I watch you as you zip by at .99 times the speed of light, you’ll appear to be moving very slowly. If you watch me as you zip by me at that speed, I’ll appear to be moving very quickly.
    Time slows down for the object or person that is moving very quickly.

    This is a major portion of Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity. It has been experimentally verified. Certain particles (I can’t remember their name) will always disintegrate after a certain amount of time. By speeding these particles up in an accelerator, scientists were able to make them “live longer.” From the particles’ point of view, they lived exactly the same amount of time, but from the scientists point of view, the particles’ time was slowed down as they were going very fast.

    Very cool stuff, and provides an opening for forward time travel. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a way to go back. This was the premise behind the original Planet of the Apes, incidentally.

    Cometgreen posted his while I was writing mine. What’s he’s describing is the General Theory of Relativity, which is much more compex and harder to understand than the Special. It also provides for forward time travel, but doesn’t support backward time travel. Too bad.


    Drunken Farmer Ben

    What have I started? 😳 (I havent been to school in a week, and won’t for another week, so I’m just not going to think :))



    LOL. Well, at least the topic has turned into an intelligent debate. That’s better than a random question that has nothing to do with brickfilming. 😛

    Revmen, the general theory is more complex than the special theory? Heh, I always thought it was the other way around, just by looking at their names. I haven’t checked them out in a few years. But thanks for pointing one thing out that many scientists stress: You can’t go faster than the speed of light. I guess we’ll have to depend on wormholes then…

    I actually read in a quantum physics book a theory for backwords time travel. I believe it said that you need to shoot massive amounts of positive particles at negative particles, and somehow get them to smash into each other. It sounds like it would make one hell of an explosion, which might be the point. It’s been a while since I read it, I may dig it up and look for the theory.

    Cometgreen, who would want to go deep into the future, where we get those flying cars we were promised



    But thanks for pointing one thing out that many scientists stress: You can’t go faster than the speed of light. I guess we’ll have to depend on wormholes then…

    anyone understand the logic behind that? if speed is relative, then how the hell can there be a limit to how fast you can go?



    In those books time is treated as though history is pre-planned: any changes in history you made when you went back in time were already there in the future.

    I’m glad those books got something right. Many scientists believe that, basically, time is straight. Whatever happened in the past, happened in the past. You can’t change it. If you went back in time, killed your grandfather, and did the dirty with your grandmother, then you’re your own grandfather and always were (kudos to anyone who can pick up that reference). That’s what makes time travel to the past so confusing. If you were framed by someone, then went back in time and stopped yourself from being framed, then you were never framed, which means that you never needed to go back in time in the first place. This of course means that it wasn’t stopped, so you will be framed, and then the vicious cycle will start once again. 🙂

    I must applaud Buxton for making his time travel crew in OOT move forward in time, instead of backwards. I was so relieved when they said that their machine moved them forward in time. It kept me from getting analytical.

    anyone understand the logic behind that? if speed is relative, then how the hell can there be a limit to how fast you can go?

    Heh, I always found that confusing too. I guess you have to read Revmen’s post. There’s just something special with light. A friend of mine says it is possible to travel faster than light, you just have to “jump into it.” I think he may have missed something there. He said that you can’t accelerate past the speed of light, you just need to burst into the speed of light. I don’t know, he was probably just trying to act smart.

    Cometgreen, realizing he’s a nerd

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