ImperialScouts for Minister of Information

Good day, evening, afternoon, night,

Currently, I've been at the BrickFilms Community for almost two years. Two years this November.

I saw that the main page is usually empty of new news, and not much exciting going on (except for the BAMPA awards and the highest key points of the BrickFilms Community.)

If I would be elected as Minister of Information, I will do my best to keep the main page and the BrickFilms community informed. The usual news will be pointed out on the main page, like competitions, awards, Community projects, and other general news in the BrickFilms Community. Not only news in the BrickFilms Community, but other BrickFilm-related news outside of the BrickFilms Community as well (should there be any.)

I will attempt to keep an update schedule at least once or twice a week. Perhaps news on Mondays and/or Fridays.

I'm not entirely sure a bunch of you know me entirely, but I try my best to be as literate as possible. Providing the best and correct grammar. I visit BrickFilms at least once a day to look around and see what there is to talk about.

I hope you'll find me suitable for the position of Minister of Information and hope that you will vote for me.

Best Regards :),