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    If there is going to be another contest on brickfilms, such as a comedy contest or whatever. Whoever starts it, could they post a warning in the general section as well? I never check this part of the forum because I am not in any national contests. But for brickfilms… I love contests! I am sure many people here on brickfilms don’t come to this part that often anyway.

    :) Anyway, will there be another brickfilms contest soon or are we all going to wait until after summer or until the website is complete?


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    I am tentatively planning to launch a Brickfilms sponsored contest sometime in August.

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    Don’t forget about the NW BrickCon comp that has entries due in september… (I’d hate doubling up to occur, and thus less entries to both comps…)


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    Ack! I had forgotten about that competition.

    Let me revise my statement to say I am planning a Brickfilms sponsored competition sometime in the future, possibly in August, but not necessarily. I’ll let you know if I think of a way to be any more vague.

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    How about a Christmas/”Holidays” competition? It’s a subject that hasn’t been done too often, and everyone loves seasonal stuff at Christmas time*.

    If you make the deadline some time in December, that should give people a chance to get their NWBrickCon entries out of the way.

    *Except the people who don’t celebrate Christmas, of course. And hey, who cares about them, right?

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    The NWBrickCon competition looks like an open competition. So if you set the deadline for the brickfilms one slightly after that, people could combine entries.

    *Thinks again…*

    Nah… let them make 2 films.

    Stefan, who thinks this community is going to suffer from a competition overkill, and decides to do the films he wants to do, regardless of any competition. He is well aware that this decision can easily change in the future.


    Thanks guys.

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