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    HI! I’m Trey, and I love stop motion animation and I’m finally going to try to perfect it- with lego bricks!

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    Hello, I’m Aonghus of SquareShapedSoftness.

    We’ve been filmmaking for a couple of years now but have only recently got into stop motion.

    First I started experimenting with short intros for our regular vids. When that turned out well we jumped not so much in the deep end as out of a helicopter over the pacific…

    We went from a series of basic, short, 7 second clips to a 6 episode web series with 10 minute episodes featuring about 30 characters. The scripts are finished, and production begins.

    A teaser trailer/animation test is up on our youtube channel for anyone to check out. We hope to have the series done by the summer. Some may also be interested in our other vids.

    Its brilliant to see such a huge community of fellow brickfilmers, this is certainly reassuring. Hopefully with your help we’ll achieve our mammoth task. :mrgreen:

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    Hello everybody, this is my first post, and I just had a few questions. First, I use a Mac, but have access to a PC and may run Windows on a future Mac. In the meantime, what is the best (hopefully free) stop frame program for Macs? :what?: I know MonkeyJam is great, but it is windows only, and I am looking for a similar alternative. Also, I have a (FireWire) iSight camera, a USB Dynex DX-WEB1C camera, a Canon Digital Rebel XS (10MP) and last but defiantly not least, a Canon XL2 MiniDV camera with FireWire……. which should I use? the XL2 has 4:3 and 16:9 modes, which could come in handy, but it is huge! :shock: (And probably, no, is overkill.) In addition, what programs are best for special effects? (Like rain, explosions, etc.) I realize gun shots and such are sometimes added with GIMP or PhotoShop. Mac or PC? Any help insight is great!

    J-Brick 8-)

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    I don’t use a Mac, but I believe iStopMotion is a good and popular Frame Capture program among Mac users, the bad thing is I think it only comes in a trial.

    Could you not dual-boot Windows and run AnimatorHD from there or something?

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    Yea, sounds like Windows for BrickFilming….. Good! An excuse to buy another machine! :D (It’s better than always rebooting….. And I can use a KVM switch, too.) Thanks for confirming that. Sigh… At least I can hide it under my desk! :computer: OR get a laptop, then I can bring it to my sets……

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    Hello forum im Ian from London. Am totaly new to all this. I think i am going to enjoy this. I have most things to get started. web cam, dvcam, pc and software. Been looking and reviewing some of your films for ideas. I think my tender age of 43 is the ideal age to start LOL. Will have lots of quetions guys hope you got the answers.

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    ‘Ello everyone, I’m Dawley. I used to visit this site on an almost daily basis from 2004-2006, and it’s been a while since I last visited. I figured that it was finally time to register on the site, considering that I never did in the first place.

    Also: before I realised that this thread existed, I posted up a similarly-titled thread. Hah. My apologies, everyone.

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    Hey I’m Michael but more known as Legomaniacman. I visited the site a couple of times and now I look more and sence I have LEGO films, why not join here and let you give me constructive criticism :)

    I don’t want to be a master I just like to improve my hobby.
    I use photostory,moviemaker, photostory mod, and gimp to add lights. Its all free except lego, and I know there is a better way to make films but I don’t feel like upgrading lol. Maybe in the future.

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    I am fully new, using windows XP, stop motion animator, 5mpx dynex webcam, windows movie maker and my company/website: I’m french and canadian, my name: David-Alexandre Hauben 13 y. old

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    Hello, I’m aquaaquarius. This is my first time brickfilming mainly because of the lack of legos in the past :) I hope that one of my films would be as good as any of yours. I’m counting on my crazy plots and my own special effects to help me along the way.

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