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    Hello Folks!

    I’m new to your community, and I hope you’ll accept the new member to your family!

    Regards Kevin.

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    Hi, guys! I’m TheNumberOneJumpJack, and I joined this site because I needed to do something with my life when I’m not doing homework ( :wink ) or not making another movie (and I’m still thinking on what to do next – :evil – urgh!)or doing nothing whatsoever (though I might be watching a movie – just gettin’ ideas from it.); so I’m GLAD TO BE HERE!

    Thank you. :)

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    Hey, im Mr. Lego and i just started brickfilming recently and i just came here looking for good advice. i have some tests that aren’t worth uploading but i’m in the prosess of creating a film at the moment :D


    Mr. Lego

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    Mr. Lego, you’re not going to find much help here. This site is dead. Head over to Bricks in Motion. That’s an active brickfilming community that was developed by the former admin of this one.

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    I’m the director for Doorman Studios. I have been playing around with Lego animation for the past couple of years but have only now gotten the tools to do a good job of it. I’m excited to really start filming.

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    Hello! I’m SeattleBrick, and I am a rookie at brickfilming. I’m looking forward to learning a lot! :)

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    Hi! I’m new here to the threads and let me introduce myself.

    I’m Ricky and I am ADDICTED to brickfilming!!! :D I just started brickfilming and I posted one on my youtube account mrlego611 and its kinda short like 23 seconds. I’m hoping to make longer videos and it’s gonna be fun being on the threads and brickfilming!


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    Hi, I’m Superbanzai. I like to make awesome LEGO films! :)

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    Hello, Wiggenjr here.

    I joined this site because i wanna see all the LEGO stopmotion kings. And i hope someone could share some tips :D

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    Hi! I’m animationfan1996 and I’m new to animations. Please subscribe to me on youtube: Pivotanimationsv2 :D

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