Introducing the Software Portal

Well, after about four weeks of making new templates, going by more than a hundred pages, writing up a lot and staying awake at nights when I should be learning for school stuff, I can finally show that it was a wise choice to pick me for Minister of Truth.

I am more than proud to introduce everyone to...

The Software Portal
The Software Portal is the starting point for all questions related to software. Looking for that script writing software? Trying to find a program you can edit with? Your journey can't miss a visit to the Software Portal.

Of course, opening the Software Portal isn't the only thing I've done. I've added brand spanking new templates and categories for every single piece of software on the Brickfilms Encyclopaedia I could find. It was painstaking, and gave me a lot of headaches, but I really think it's been worth it.

I must admit that I'm not completely done yet. I still have to re-organize the Windows software, Macintosh software and Linux software pages. After that, I can move on to organizing the Tutorial section.

Comments and everything are very much appreciated.

- BertL, Minister of Truth