Is there going to be an easter contest this year?

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    I would like to know is there is an easter contest this year. i have an idea for a brickfilm, and if there is some kind of guidelines or something or if it is an official contest i would like to know so i can start animating in advance. Thanks!

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    skull brick

    We should do the 15 second one again.

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    Well I hope someone makes an easter contest.

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    I don’t see how an Easter contest similar to last year’s contest could be much of a distraction. After all, the maximum time limit was only 15 seconds. I think that if people (like me) reallly wanted to, they could squeeze a 15 second film in between brickfilming projects. Besides, one of the three contests that Steviecolli mentioned (The Quest for __ Contest) would probably be over by the time the contest was announced.

    -MMM, who wants to see this contest resurface

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    As far as i know, there’s 4 contest going on(Quest for ___, CAP, FAR and that Brickfilms series) So i doubt there will be an Easter one.

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