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    Well I finally bought The Complete First Seaon of “The Transformers” and finished it in a span of two days, and I must say 😯 wow

    The DVD collection is a must have for all the Transformer fans around here.

    Before watching the DVD collection I remember myself as a very little kid watching bits and pieces of the show back when it ran in the 80’s But my feeble child mind couldn’t remember much back then. But I do remember the Movie very well (I now own that as well now on DVD)

    Before getting the first season my favorite Transformers go as:

    AutoBots: Optimus Prime (given), Hot Rod, Ultra Magnus.

    Decepticons: Megatron (another given), Sound Wave, Star Scream.

    After watching the first season and still in shock and awe I decided my favorite’s list needed a little changing.

    For the AutoBots Ultra Magnus and Hot Rod Never even showed up once (they’re probably in the second season like a lot of the others) SO.. now it goes
    Optimus Prime, Wheeljack, and SkyFire. Wheel jack throught out the season showed himself in being resourceful and the ability to fix and build things. Now SkyFire… Come on, The biggest Autobot out of all of them and a very cool Space Jet vehicle mode, SkyFire is just plain cool.

    The Decepticons got changed around as well Instead of that pitiful Starscream I replace him with ShockWave. Just like Megatron Shockwave can turn into a giant gun and blast things to smitherens and he is very loyal to Megatron, Where as in the comics (the new ones) he shows himself in betraying Megatron and try to be a leader himself.
    SoundWave stayed on because I think he is just coolest. First, having his own collection of decepticons (Ravage, BuzzSaw, and LaserBeak) Shows his importance and last, his complete Loyalty to Megatron. If only he figured out he was fighting for the wrong side. Now do I think these new Transformer shows give justice to the name? No Way In Hell!

    I can’t believe Hasbro threw together a bunch of Anime artist and slapped on The Title Transformers on it. The Human/transformer connection is very chilidish compared to the original. And the New show called Transformers ( the one where Megatron is a dragon and Optimus is a friggin fire truck) This series Successfully took The entire Transformer series Including Movie and shrunk it down to one Stupid Season. Total Chaos it was. Half of the things they did made no sense and were pointless. The first episode they already had Predacons and animal transforming robots. Predacons didn’t come in until the late late game of the original series. And worst of All they took old characters and recycled them into new ones. Sky Bite (the shark) was originally a Maximal from the Show Beast Wars ( which takes place after the Autobots defeat the Decepticons) But of corse if you know your Beast Wars (I do) Sky Bite never makes it in the show and only becomes an action figure.

    So could it get any worse? Yes it can. The show goes on and on and seems to have no point. After Megatron turned Galvatron by running into a stupid pyramid I stopped watching it. Transformers Armada Turned out better than the other one. They had StarScream so that saved their ass Big time. Of course I didn’t watch the show to much so I won’t comment on it.

    Ok you’ve heard my Rambiling about transformers, What’s your? Got a Favorite AutoBot? Decepticon? Lets hear your opinion.

    How about that crappy show I just explained above? Agree? Dis-agree?

    I now leave you with one of my favorite quotes made by Megatron about the DinoBots.

    “The Dinobots do have weaknesses; Slag is Hostile, Grimlock Arogant, and sludge is stupid”

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