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    Just saw the future of Brickfilms:

    The film database is excellent!

    Keep up the good (and fast) work!

    Edit by RevMen
    -Sorry, that’s not quite ready for the general public :)

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    Wow that is awesome!

    Keep up the great work, Revmen!


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    Drunken Farmer Ben

    *Puts on Miners hat*

    I have some free time. Time to do me some searchin :) But then I have to go get a shot :-(

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    Brian of Gep

    Yeah, I tried Google,
    but apparently it hasn’t found anything on it.

    *just noticed that there is no emoticon for *tear*… there should be*

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    I saw a referral on my web site stats from the new site (probably someone testing out the links to movies).

    I’m not going to re-post the URL in order to give RevMan time to work on it without lots-o-hits, but it looks just like the re-design that I once saw linked off the Brickfilms home page.

    In short, the new site is professional-grade in look & feel and should serve as a great portal into “brickmation” or “Legomation” or “Lego stop-motion animation” or whatever we call this art form.


    I agree. The new layout for the site is great lookin. Revmen really put alot of time into it. Its not quite finished though. I think we have a while until the rest of us set foot in there.

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    The layout is very similar to what Jason and Co. had already created, I’ve only made a couple of adjustments there. The top of the page is still made up by Jay Silver’s graphics, which I wouldn’t dare mess with. They look great. I’ve changed the film directory and I’ve added a film view page, but otherwise the look is mostly not my work.

    Most of my work has been in the underlying database structure and the PHP code to get information out of the database and onto the screen in a pretty way. Soon I’ll be attempting to tie the rest of the site into the phpBB2 database, so that you can use your forum account to identify yourself for submitting films to the directory and such.

    And this thread is probably now more suited for the redesign forum.

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    Can I have the real address?


    I’m sure Josh doesn’t want alot of traffic to the site, atleast not right now. Then there would be a few people saying “Hey, this button doesn’t work,”…..well no kiddin’….thats cause it ain’t done yet.

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