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    Brian of Gep

    when RevMen finishes the redesigned website,
    then he will make it available at http://www.brickfilms.com

    Until then, you’re in the dark with the rest of us.


    I’m sure Josh doesn’t want alot of traffic to the site, atleast not right now. Then there would be a few people saying “Hey, this button doesn’t work,”…..well no kiddin’….thats cause it ain’t done yet.



    “rtaylor” wrote: Just saw the future of Brickfilms:

    The film database is excellent!

    Keep up the good (and fast) work!

    Edit by RevMen
    -Sorry, that’s not quite ready for the general public 🙂

    Yip I saw it too. It looks and works great. GREAT JOB

    I got one important suggestion

    Revman The site is too slow, because the images are way to huge.
    All the images are 120X91 pixels and many of them exeed 3kb.
    Well you know how I’m jerky about file size, but this will make your site user friendly. Of-cource it’s a bunch of work, but what is not?



    The reason many of those images are so large is because in reality they’re greater than 120×91. They are a whole plethora of sizes, acutally. The page is forcing them all down to that size, but you still have to download the entire picture. In the future, directors will be asked to provide their own images that are exactly that size. As for the old images, someone will need to take the whole lot and resize them properly. Any volunteers? T?



    Well, I’ve done that job for yolego, so yeah, you can count me in.
    Lemmy take care of the images.

    You have them in a zip file?
    Then you can contact me thrue my site, all e-mail goes to me, no matter the size



    OK, great.

    I’m away from my laptop for a couple days (where all the files live), but I’ll send you a zip later this week.

    Thanks, T!

    This kind of reminds me of the “mooseturd pie” story about the railroad crew where the first person to complain about the food had to cook the next day. Got a problem with it? You fix it! 😆



    “RevMen” wrote:
    This kind of reminds me of the “mooseturd pie” story about the railroad crew where the first person to complain about the food had to cook the next day. Got a problem with it? You fix it! 😆


    Okey just send me them whenever you can 🙂



    Yeah, T did a great job with my images… we are talking from 3000 k for the whole lot to 200 k 😆

    Let T have em. He’ll do a great job. 😀

    Yolegoman, who isn’t gonna have time to upload the new images before he leaves on a 3 day vacation to discuss… uh… adult matters with his dad

    Edit: and dammit all, its probly gonna rain and we were supposed to go fishing.


    Brian of Gep

    On the other hand,
    I’m supposed to be mowing the lawn,
    and it’s raining.

    It’s happened every time I went out to mow the lawn fro the last week!


    (Sorry about this hideously off-topic post, but it doesn’t deserve it’s own thread in “Community”, and I needed to say it somewhere. :))

    But anyways, if you ever need help resizing images, or changing their formats, or anything, I’d be willing to do it.
    (No offense intended, T, I’m just a backup volunteer in case you aren’t there :P)



    I’m here too, just in case something goes freakishly wrong with Patryk and Brian. I’m just sitting here, trying to get my self to do something productive. :wink


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