Kyle – Minister of Filming Resources

Well I've been here for a little bit, and I haven't added much to the actual site except posts. Helping people with questions is what I really love doing and I think being elected as Minister of Filming Resources can help me do just that.

I have a great knowledge of Brickfilming but most of my knowledge comes from Live Action oriented things which I think has exposed me more to the types of answers that someone would need.

The things that I would change if elected:
- Complete revamp of the resources section. Not completely changing it but making it more clean and catagorized than it already is, especially in the Tech Guides section.
- Things I would add are tutorials (alot of them made by myself, or whatever other ones that im given by folks), interviews (already have a couple to add).
- Update the articles that have been around for sometime. Adding new info that has changed, fixing info that might be different now, etc.
- Update the list of software available with detailed descriptions and tutorials for all of them. (I really hope to do this)
- Wiki + Resources, putting wiki links in the resources section in the corresponding catagorie to unify where to actually find your information.

If your wondering what kind of things I can add to the site, ive had 6 new tutorials added in the past 2 days. They might give you an example of the quality of work that I plan to put into my duties.

BSOL Tutorial (reformat of Stefans old one)

Removing Wires in Photoshop

Compressing H264 in Quicktime Pro

H264 Compression in VLC

Realistic Muzzle Fire in Wax 2.0e

Picture-in-Picture in Wax 2.0e

Widescreen & Letterbox in VirtualDub

The thing I plan to concentrate on is adding what is truely needed in the Resources section, and giving a clear cut, simple to follow answer to the forums most asked questions. A wide variety of topics, with different articles, at different skill levels, for different people, using different kinds of software and hardware.

Whether or not I get elected I plan to help update the Resources anyways because I think it should be done, this would just make things easier and tasks would be completed faster I suppose.

Thats about it I guess. :)


EDIT: I made a mockup of what the format of the new Resources Section would be. Its more catagorized in a way that makes it easier. Just like the software section is seperated by "kind" of software, so will be the articles. Tech Guides and Articles will be merged together. This is only a draft of what it could be...Note: whats in italics are new tuts I want to add right away.

Pre-Production: (nothing yet...there will be)

- Stop Motion Primer
- Brickfilm Camera Article
- Preparing for Brickfilming
- Walking Step-by-Step
- Making your Webcam Lego Compatible (all 3 articles in one)
- What is FPS? (Frames Per Second)
- Mutilating Mini-Figs
- Hints for Lighting
- Guide to Lighting

Post-Production: (lots more needs to be added here, editing for one)
- Audio Guide
- Videomach Tutorial

Special FX:
- Compositing:
- Lightsabers in Axogon Composer
- Lightsabers in Adobe After Effects
- Chroma Keying in Adobe After Effects
- Chroma Keying in Axogon Composer
- Chroma Keying in BSOL
- Digital Crowds in Axogon Composer
- Wire Removal in Photoshop
- Picture-in-Picture in Wax 2.0e
- Muzzle Flashes in Wax 2.0e

- Practical Effects:
- Splash! Water Effects explained
- Using Gels

- Guide to CODECS
- H.264 Compression in VLC
- H.264 Compression in Quicktime Pro
- Basics
- Using Brickshelf
- Guide to Playback of Brickfilms
- Widescreen & Letterbox in VirtualDub

HTML skills, I got those for sure just incase people are wondering haha.

Wiki + Resources

I want to integrate the two of them, but more specifically the Wiki into the Resources. The resources is more catagorized by kind of article so n00b's will have an easier time finding articles. With the wiki you need to know what you want to look for sorta before you search...thats not always the case. If I put links to Wiki articles right in the resources under the matching catagory, time to find articles that people want would be far less. The wiki would be updated of coarse and kept going but for an initial quick resource to find all things I would make the resources that place specifically. Not really merging them but merging where you would go to look for the info.

- Kyle