Lechnology for six more years–er, months

"RevMen" wrote: Minister of Community Projects - Responsible for encouraging and managing the production of official brickfilms.com community projects. These films will be the only films branded with the brickfilms.com name and logo and must be held to a high standard of excellence.
I intend to uphold such responsibility for at least six more months.

Current Community Projects
Project Divinity
Project Valor

I also supported The Day Brickfilms.com Crashed

Goals (Revisions)
In order for a community project to be considered an Official Brickfilms.com Community Project, I seek to promote:
  • Well thought out stories or ideas for a community project. A well written script is a good start.[/*]
  • Teamwork. If people don't work well together, then I don't expect the project itself to come out well either.[/*]
  • Communication. Questions, concerns, leave of absence, etc. If you got the flu and can't voice act, please let your teammates know. If you have issues with a certain team member, resolve it.[/*]
  • Quality. To be a Brickfilms.com Community Project, you must maintain a level of acceptable quality in image, sound, and animation. Poor lighting, light flickers, low frame rates, etc. These are the things I don't want to see.[/*]
  • Flexibility and patience. Slow and steady wins the race. Not everyone has high speed connections. Not everyone can animate an entire scene in a few days. A consistency-demanding community project takes more than a few months to get done. There are ways to get through these obstacles.[/*]
  • Commitment. I know it's hard. If you can't commit part of your time to a project, I don't know why you're even part of it.[/*]
I seek to eradicate:
  • Unoriginality. This goes back to well thought out script. If it's a remake of the latest Star Wars movie, I'll pass.[/*]
  • Disorganization. Appoint substitutes, furcate some task to other members of the project. Don't leave it in disarray.[/*]
  • Copyright infringements. Need I say more?[/*]
Now just because you're an amateurish animator with a limited initial knowledge of frame rates, lighting, cinematography and so forth, doesn't mean you can't be part of a community project. If you have something to contribute (whether it's a suggestion to the script, an idea, connections to voice talents or musicians, or just a provocative presence in the group) I encourage you to be part of a project.

Objectives from now and into the next term:
  • Following the approach of the We The Brickfilmers group, I want to enourage well-thoughtout stories that allows multiple animators to contribute and less demand for consistency between one's animation (sets, minifig, etc.)[/*]
  • Promote more concept threads. This way, more members[/*]