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    Josh Bloomer

    Hello all, I am doing a brickfilm titled LEGO Batman: Building On and it should be released sometime soon. I’m about halfway through with the pictures and still need to do VFX and the SFX. I need people willing to do the voices of…

    Batman: Must be a good Kevin Conroy impression :)

    Riddler – Wally Wingert styled woice (like the one in Batman: Arkham videogame series.

    Penguin – Either Nolan North voice (Batman: Arkham) or Burgess Meredith from the 1960’s Batman TV series.

    Commissioner Gordon – preferably the one from ’89 Batman. (Pat Hingle)

    Alfred – also preferably from 1989-1997 Batman films. (Michael Gough). But the one from Nolan’s also passes (Michael Caine)

    Two-Face – Richard Moll (Batman: The Animated Series) or Troy Baker (Arkham)


    —and that’s all. If you’re interested just let me know. And when the video comes out you’ll be credited for the voice you did of course!



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    These are very specific requests. You are asking people to mimic actors sufficiently well to be recognisable. For some of these voices, that’s not easy. And, in order to make a contribution, you’d have to pick a voice from a film you’ve seen. Which would mean seeing all of the above films in order to make an informed choice. I’m not surprised you aren’t getting any takers. I think you may have to rein in your demands…


    Good point mate

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    Josh Bloomer

    Sorry I didn’t mention it but I already got my all of my voice actors from a different site. Thanks for the advice though.

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    Josh Bloomer

    And yes, I thought I’d get little to no replies but I just wanted to see if ANYONE on this site had AT LEAST one of these talents listed above…but oh well I guess not.


    Good to know your voice actors are complete. Good luck with the project! Would love to see it too

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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