Lego Oscar?

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    The Academy Awards are coming on February 29th (

    But how about academy awards at :)

    Possible categories for brick academy awards:

    Best Picture

    Best Director

    Best Actor (including actress)

    Best Actor in a supporting role

    Best Cinematography

    Best Cut

    Best Music

    Best Sound

    Best Visual Effects

    Best Animated Brickfilm (CGI movies)

    Best Dialogue

    Every brickfilmer would send his best brickfilm which he made during the last year.

    It’s yor choice.

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    Sounds good I would be in!
    Its a good way to give movies the honour the deserve without entering a contest.
    we had to find a jury…

    I think there was a thread about this before…
    sorry im too lazy to find the link.


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    sounds great!

    Someone could animate a short awards show,and have all the winning characters in it or something.I think that was done at the old site.

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    Yeah i think it will be awesome to have a brickfilms oscars. It would be better than just an ordinary contest, cause it would have more categories. And the winner can get something like a official customized minifig for each category or something similar! We should have the brickfilms oscar annually!

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    How about this category: Best Animation 😉 Or Best First Film?

    I like the idea, but I don’t think that animators should have to submit their films. I think some kind of panel, or team could nominate the films. Didn’t we have something similar a year or two ago, The Plast Awards? That was before my time though, can anyone tell me about that?


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    Lieberman Bros.

    That sounds like a great idea. But like Mot said, people shouldn’t have submit their films, there should be a special panel of judges from Brickfilms, CBM, and other large brickfilming comunities. The films can be nominated and every one can find out if their film was nominated a month before the actual awards. Then there can be like a special ceremony where everyone gathers to find out the winners, like a live screening of a movie displaying the results. It might get abit complecated at times, but it is do-able and an excellent way for many communities to colaborate with one another. There doesn’t even have to be prizes other than the glory and maybe a small trophy or something.


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    yeah nominations first. We should be able to enter our film to see if our film was nominated, how bout any film during the year?

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    thats a good idea. Choosing any film that was submitted to brickfilms from a certain date to another date would be cool. That leaves alot to choose from.

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    “Lieberman Bros.” wrote: I think the next step for this is for someone to present this to a RevMen and they can take it from there.

    There’s more than one?


    I think the idea needs to be fleshed out a bit more before anyone presents it to Josh. Let’s at least wait for his input in this thread.


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    I think it’s not an altogether crumby idea, but honestly I’m not excited about being involved in its organization. I propose that an academy is organized somehow, one that is independent from the Brickfilms site. If there’s enough support for the academy and how it chooses to present some awards, I’ll be happy to post results and proceedings and such here at the site, and give my support to whatever decisions the academy makes.

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