Lego Stop Motion Contest (Open)

Hi everyone, I am currently hosting a Lego Stop Motion Contest. The grand prize for this contest is a Logitech Quickcam Pro 9000! But we need at least 35 entries in order for it to be the prize. So spread the news! Here is the link to the video, which provides all the rules: To submit your video, email the link or video to me at Here are the rules incase you didn't click on the link: 1. You must be subscribed to me (TheCrakedApple) 2. Legos and lego-like objects can be used 3. The video has to be over 20 seconds of length 4. Blood and Swearing can be used, but excessive amounts of either will not be allowed 5. The video has to be uploaded in 2013 6. Your video must contain Stop Motion 7. Up to 2 video entries can be entered The contest ends on October 15th If you entered, or would like to enter, reply to this post!