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    It’s out. If you need it, try to contact Lego by phone. The appropriate number for you can be found at

    You may, however, want to give other programs a try. They will allow more flexibility in the framerates you get to choose from, the output resolutions (up to 640×480 for the Lego cam), and allow for more flexible editing. At Bricks In Motion a large collection of programs can be found. Recommended are:

    • SMA, for capturing video in stop-motion[/*]
    • VideoMach, for compressing your video clips, and some basic effects. Also great for converting your video into a list of .jpg files and the other way round.[/*]
    • DDClip Free, for stitching your clips together and adding sound (XP installation available from the site mentioned above).[/*]

    For special effects, there are many specialised programs, including BSOL (written by me), but it is recommended to wait with these until you have mastered the basic film-making process. It’s also much more fun finding a solution to a problem that doesn’t require a computer program. Trust me on that!


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    I got the xp patch. It’s fairly easy to get it over the phone. It’s basicly the same as the 98 version except there are a few more sound fx and the CD recording option works.

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    Ferder..Your avatar looks slightly familiar to the movie on The studios site,A Windy Day. Did you make it? 🙂

    Back On Topic-
    I have 98.No need to phone them. 8) I barely use it,anyway. 😆

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    Yes. I did make Windy Day.

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    Will the XP patch fix the ‘The Lego Cam is not responding’ problem?

    ‘Cos I have XP and that error is a kick in the butt! It does work with other programs, though…[/img]

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