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    When someone types in “” they come to our News page (I’m thinking in particular new visitors following links from elsewhere). I took a look at the news and it’s mostly stuff of interest to those already involved in the hobby – with the exception of the ‘intro’ paragraph at the top, it’s pretty dry for newcomers. If they come here, they want to see the movies.

    I’m suggesting we consider making the directory the “main” page (with the intro paragraph and some other fine-tuning) and that the news page is integrated into the Community board as a read-only section.

    (I hope no one feels I’m overstepping my bounds here. This is only meant as a suggestion because I know that when you’re visiting or working on the site all the time it’s hard to see it as a first-timer.)




    it’s pretty dry for newcomers. If they come here, they want to see the movies.

    The films page is just one click away and the latest submissions are shown on the front page. (It is quite clear to me but yes I have no idea of how a first-time visitor would see it)

    Oh I think you have the film-watching visitors in mind, not the film-making ones… What kind of news would they be interested in? 😕



    I think jay’s right. a small introducion on the main page is nice.



    I think you guys are missing the point… or at least WIAN is. What Jay’s proposing is that we get rid of the front page news altogether, instead sending visitors straight to the film directory when they enter the site. Above the directory would be the introductory paragraph that’s currently on the main page. The news would disappear from the main section of the site, instead using a read-only forum where the news moderator posted the latest announcements and users could read it.

    Jay, I see what you’re saying, but I’m not sure I really agree with it completely. I will side with you on the point of making the directory one of the first things a user sees, but it would require some sort of restructuring (Maybe something like the Atomfilms front page, where films are randomly selected from each category, unless perhaps this is the fine tuning you were talking about). It would look a little dirty otherwise.

    Another issue is that some of the news posted IS important to be seen as soon as someone views the front page.

    Thoughts from other staff members and community Brickfilmians?



    I think the featured film and long list of recent directory submittals is plenty of film to get someone started who just showed up to the site.



    I completely understand where jay is coming from, however, every single website I visit has the news page right up front like we do.



    We’re talking about the newcomers like they are blocks incapable of thinking. They can find where the films are easily enough. I’m sure I did when I first showed up.



    “Rainsford” wrote: We’re talking about the newcomers like they are blocks incapable of thinking.

    I’m sure some of us think so.



    Whats wrong with the intro we got?

    “We are a community dedicated to the art of stop motion animation. Our main focus is the animation of plastic building toys, or bricks (LEGO, Mega Bloks, Best-Lock etc), which we call “brickfilms” (these films are also commonly called “LEGO Movies”). We also encourage other forms of animation, including 3D and Flash. On this site you will find a searchable directory of hundreds of films, contests, a busy forum, and great resources to help animators of any level in the creation of their movies.”



    I think the intro is fine, but the placement is a bit hard to get to. An introductor screen would be a strange addition, but also a pretty easy way for people to get around. Srt of like, have the logo really big in the middle, and have links to all of the parts of the site, and have the intro paragraph on that same page. That way, people know what the site is, and they know what there is on the site. [or not :?<!– s]

    I actually like it the way it is 🙂

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