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    i need a gf

    I love counterstrike. It’s like butta down my spine. First of all if you want a good movie, be sure to know how to use good lighting. Also, darken some scenes in post. Good sets are a must.



    “Brian of Gep” wrote: compressing it with DIVx will not lose ANY quality at all.




    i think what mr gep diggady dogg means is NOTICABLE loss of quality. I don’t know much about divx to give my own oppinion, but if you are exporting at a very high bitrate, and don’t compress the video too many times while editing, it should stay fine, at least for web viewing.
    Having said that, if your software can export footage as uncompressed, and your computer can handle it (hard drive space) it wouldn’t hurt.



    MOV files give good results. If you have premiere or some other video editor, export as a MOV file and use the sorenson codec. Jay Silver’s ROTE is great quality and uses the sorenson codec and is in MOV format.



    guys guys guys….this is a Counter STrike video….it has nothign to do with my camera….

    when u play cs, u can record demos, which later u can open and watch and use a script to take screen shots….once lots of screen shots are taken for that clip, u use video mach to put the screen shots into a movie format, so u can watch it, tahts the problem where i get my low quality, once i compress them together to a movie, my quality lowers and its kind of blury….

    so now, any recomendations?

    and how do i work the lighting to help quality?



    oooh I thought it was a lego film about counter strike 🙂 Well you cannot change the lightning if it’s a game. The problem is really the export setting of video mach, try to play with it

    Good Luck
    Bob Page

Viewing 6 posts - 11 through 16 (of 16 total)

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