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    The movie was well filmed and all that but it seems to be another example of a movie that is all special effects and little story. To be honest I didn’t get the plot at all. Perhaps this is because I hadn’t seen the two previous ones and wasn’t listening to closely to the dialouge (which was a bit hard to understand). The talking scene between those two guys in the ship went on to long escipcially since there wasn’t any animation during those scenes. we didn’t even get to see what was attacking the guys in the ship, then suddenly he’s on mars and its the end.






    “Ferder” wrote: The movie was well filmed and all that but it seems to be another example of a movie that is all special effects and little story.

    Yeah, well filmed, and didn’t understand it at all. To be honest I didn’t get the plot at all. 😕



    What most disappointed me with this film is that it isn’t up to the animation and story standards that T has set for himself with his last few films.

    I know I was quite critical of both Martian Gothics before this one, but at heart they were both ‘zombie’ films (regardless of how ‘zombie’ the zombies were). That is what I missed. THe Zombies! Where were they? MORE disappointing was the fact that you had built up an EXCELLENT tense sequence (with the deaths etc) which, could have lead up to revealing the cause OR to another tense scene.

    It just seemed, plot wise, unfinished, and out of place with the first two.

    The Good Stuff:

    As always, the CGI was excellent. It was put to some good use establishing some of the shots, and the ‘Titan’ opening was quite neat (but overly lengthy… be careful you don’t head too far down the TRAFOL opening road).

    Some of the cinematograpghy was excellent, and showed you had thought carefully about your placement of camera. Even though the closing shot was CGI, it still looked good. The way the camera moved to reveal the footprints, and the crashed ship etc. Looked great.

    The really tense and spooky fight/death scene. You really built up the fact that the agressor was off screen. I really felt like I wanted to see what was doing it. Especially with the squelchy foley footsteps approaching!

    Stuff I didn’t like so much:

    The plot and dialogue. I still think that when there is a lot of dialogue it needs to really sound like lots of different people are delivering it, particularly when there are different characters onscreen.

    No zombies! (to be seen, i had to mention it again) Really, a big let down after the first two.

    The biggest aggrevation was the approx 2 minute (maybe more) sequence in the middle of the film that consisted of dialogue and the same two character stills alternating over and over. It made this part of the film seem very VERY rushed. Like you didn’t have time to animate.

    Closing Comments:
    I think I expected too much. I expected zombies, and sci-fi. Instead I got something inbetween. This may not be totally fair, but in part, releasing a trailer that does show all of a film’s best bits can detract from the final film. T’s highpoint is still (I think) his submarine flick, SS-5 Moccasin, which combines all of the things he does best. I have to agree with others when they say it seems like an effects flick with very little plot.

    Oh the closing credits looked cool. Simple and effective. 🙂




    One thing you need to take care about: some parts were moving along sooooooooooo slow you almost fall asleep. Like the opening scene.



    Good episode ! Too bad it ends now…
    Maybe there would be some followers, mmmh ?



    “LowweeK” wrote: Good episode ! Too bad it ends now…
    Maybe there would be some followers, mmmh ?

    Well if some one would come with a nice idea, why not!

    Soon, soon i’ll coment you reviews, but that soon. :wink



    Patryk, your website seems to be down right now, so I can’t download from it.

    Will it be up again soon? I sure hope it is…



    yeah, the site is down, the server is down again.
    I hope it will be soon back.


    It’s back again, and I hope it won’t go off for now




    Nothing much else to say, but I guess you would like a reveiw. 😀

    The Cgi is just so cool. Really liked that. The animation’s good, also. They mentioned the voices, but I understand the difficulty getting good voices. I might like a script-up of it, though, because I still can’t figure out some of the dialouge, and if I could it might clear in some of the plot holes.

    Speaking of plot holes, I really didn’t see very many of them. And not having zombies is perfectly fine with me. Really, I’m still shaking. That scared me so bad… in a good way, that is.

    I’ve been looking forward to this film for a long time, and I must say, you didn’t dissapoint. Other then the voices, I think you have a really good film there. 😀

    8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) /:!: Smileys.


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