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    Since Saulgoode has resigned from his position of Minister of Film Contests, I would like to take over that position in order to keep the current official contests running. Therefore I have decided I am going to run for Minister of Film Contests

    I would like to start my campaign with explaining some of my abilities (or the suggested skills for this position).


    • I created a contest that you may know about called The Quest for “____” Contest. Over 20 people were interested in participating which shows that the contest did not lack creativity.

    Organizational Skills:

    • I fell that if a contest lacks organization, it doesn’t get enough contestants. Also, if a contest doesn’t have well-layed out rules, details et cetera, people don’t like to read the rules as much as they would reading an organized, lay out of a contest.

    I always make sure that anything I post regarding contests, or anything for that matter, is well-layed out. I have, and will make sure that I will have things organized for contests including it’s layout, prizes et cetera.

    Communication Skills:

    • I have good communication skills. I can listen and talk to people before making decisions (about Contests). I would first ask the site owner on his opinion on it.

      “In the election page, the description for the Minister of Film Contests” wrote: …working with the site owner and sponsors to create tempting prize pools.


    • As I said about being organized above, that includes being punctual and The minister of film contests should be punctual for posting contests. Everyone should be able to read the rules etc.
      I have and will always to do my best to be punctual. If I ever forget things or mis-spell anything, I have a spell-checker installed on firefox.

    What experience do I have relating to my desired ministry?

    There are two official Contests happening at the moment, FAR and the brickfilms Challenge series. I am already organizing those contests (with other members) since I am in the official contests planners usergroup (which is known as “Contests”).

    Edited 10th of April:
    I understand that some of you are concerned about nothing being updated or changed, if I am elected.

    Some things will be changed, but not much.
    The brickfilms challenge series, as you know, is delayed until about May when the elections are over so the next Minister of Film Contests can organize it.

    The only real changes that will be made are adding some members to the contests usergroup, they will be invited and experienced, in some ways.
    Also, FAR and the brickfilms challenge series need to be finished. About a month after the first brickfilms challenge, I on behalf of the contests usergroup members, will announce the next challenge.
    Also, updating the Events page is the Minister of Filming Resources job, but it used to be the Minister of Film Contests, if this changes, I will update the Events page, if elected.
    And of course, I will help people with their unofficial contests.

    As I said there is nothing much to be done that is worth mentioning in my campaign, but I think some may be concerned that I won’t do absolutely anything, of course I will.

    How much time would I be able to spend performing my duties as Minister of Film Contests?

    I visit this site every day to do various things; go on the brickfilms chat, browse through the forums (especially the contest forums) and watch brickfilms.
    If elected, I will assure that I visit every day as I am doing now.

    Though, in the summer holidays, my family and I go camping some weekends. So for the weekends I am not around, I will have a Vice-Minister of Film Contests to moderate the contest forums along with answering questions (regarding contests) that people ask.

    What are my ideas to expand or improve the Ministry?

    There is nothing to do to change the Ministry of Film Contests, all that is needed is to keep the two current official contests running, The brickfilms Challenge series and FAR and of course to help other members with their unofficial contests.
    I am already organizing those contests with other members so I know what to do when it comes to organizing them, I won’t be new in any way to it.

    Though, if elected, the first thing I would do is get the FAR prizes and rules announced. So far, one prize out of three has been thought of, it is the café corner. Revmen has $75 more to spend on the other prizes, they will be thought of soon.

    What unique character qualities would I be able to contribute to the Ministry?

    I have qualities I will be able to contribute to the Ministry of Film Contests.

    I am creative, punctual, I have organizational skills and good communication skills.
    I have explained those qualities in greater detail above at the top of my platform.

    What is my motivation for running for Minister of Film Contests?

    Since Saulgoode has resigned from this position and A LOT of people still want to enter FAR, I want it to continue with someone who is experienced in organizing contests. That is why I am motivated to run for this position.
    I would make a good Minister in charge of FAR and The Brickfilms Challenge series because I am already (even when Saulgoode was Minister) organizing FAR and The Brickfilms Challenge series with Saulgoode and a few other members.


    Thank you for reading my platform, I welcome Questions, concerns etc.

    Edited for grammar a number of times.
    Edited for spelling: I had to re-install firefox.

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    i am on your side :twisted:

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    Your a nice guy and you know what your doing. I’m voting for you.



    Why thank you. Please, if you have any concerns, comments or questions, post them.

    -Stevie Collins ~ Candidate for Minister of Film Contests.

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    You have my vote, Stevie.


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    You have my vote, Stevie… if I’m still here.


    You have my full support, Stevie. Good luck on this term.

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    I’m with you all the way, and Lamp is aled owen


    “WAproductions” wrote: I’m with you all the way,

    Thank you very much, thank you all for your support.

    “WAproductions” wrote: and Lamp is aled owen

    I think you’re mis-taken, I looked up Lamp’s ip-address and there is no other account with the same Ip-address. I also looked up Aled Owen’s and there is other account with that ip-address.

    -Stevie Collins ~Candidate for Minister of Film Contests

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    Aled Owen

    Stevie, there’s no point in pretending anymore. I’m running for myself anyway.


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