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    RP Hoogle

    If the position for Minister Of Discussion is available in the future. I wish to run. This is my platform

    Over the last few months I have had some ideas for the site.
    I hope by being elected as Minister Of Discussion I can implement some of those ideas.I would like to inform you of my ideas after I have said other reasons why I am a good candidate for this position.
    I have been a very frequent visitor to this site for more than 2 years. I am familiar with how it works and I know what is expected of members. I have given this community IBDB the Internet Brickfilm DataBase which has proven popular and helpful. I keep a friendly relationship with most members of this site.

    Here are the key Ideas which I will stand by

    Education: I will introduce the Getting Started forum. An idea which RichardFrost had presented but did not implement. I will try treat all new members with help and advice straight away. You can read about how I will achieve this here…
    [spoiler=Treatment of newer members.]

    This site is growing all the time and in recent months that growth is speeding up with publicity in newspapers and even now on TV. So what can we expect with this increasing flow of members? Well we can expect to find the more widespread publicity we get the more members from broader ranges to what we’re used to. In the past members found this site with an interest in film and animation and/or LEGO. We got people that were really dedicated to the hobby. Overtime however the site got more popular and we are getting member who are interested but not as dedicated. Now when new people join sometimes we get the typical topic like “How do you greenscreen?” or “How do you make explosions?”. Now often it’s easy for us to repeat the same answer or tell them to search next time. Not that it’s a bad thing that there asking questions but I think it would be better if a bigger effort were made to make them read the FAQ or other articles.
    When RichardFrost announced he was running for MoD he had some nice policies regarding the treatment of newer members. For example the introduction of the “Getting Started” forum. I liked the idea though and if I am elected I will implement this.
    The Getting started forum will replace the FAQ forum. The FAQ will remain but there will be additions. Such as mock ups of typical threads like the ones I mentioned earlier “How to Greenscreen” and so on. And I will do my best to advertise this forum and make sure most people see it. It is in my hope that they will be educated well it will hopefully answer the first questions that comes into a young animators head.
    I will also give a brief introduction to forum etiquette and rules, and other areas which newer members may need help with. Uploading films, etc.

    I will try to work with other ministers to see if they would like to add anything to my Getting Started. Some words from the Minister Of Contests and the Minister Of Community Projects would be greatly appreciated [/spoiler]

    Order: I will stand by the rules which are already laid out. But I will enforce it slightly differently. You can read about it here…
    [spoiler=How I will deal with spam and other troubles…]

    The usual procedures apply. A moderator will lock/delete topic or posts where it is needed and if you see a disturbance which hasn’t been treated you can PM a moderator with a description of the trouble and a link to it. However there is a new feature of security which I want to add to the forum…
    It is a normal day on the forums. You are casually browsing through threads when… BOOM! You come across a topic which has vulger, disgusting and ugly content in it. I mean really offensive. And there is no mod online but this seems like an emergency young children coming into contact with say images of explicit content. A parent is in the room they see little Tommy merrily going to to post his new film. Tommy is really glad to have his film on the Internet and is about to post it here when Tommy goes to that topic. The parent see’s the image load revealing it’s horrid imagery. As quick as lightning the parent shuts the browser down. Tommy is never allowed back to that site. His film may never get seen. A young film maker, in need of an audience and feedbacks, dreams are crushed.

    There wasn’t a mod on at the time so this vandalism couldn’t have been deleted. The Tommy scenario may be a bit over dramatic but a topic with pornographic images or other offensive content could be up for a short while. It may not crush dreams like in my example but they’ll be a burst of topics in Community or Site Feedback which this site doesn’t really need.
    What I intend to introduce a StormMod. A StormMod is a mod which won’t be there to lock an ongoing spammy thread like “Topic Of Good Praise” or say a “Tie Army” like thread. They won’t be allowed to. That job is for the Moderators. A StormMod will only be allowed to delete ‘Emergency Topics’ (Topics with pornographic content and other offensive content. Or blatant spam like ‘CHEAP PHONES’) when no other Moderator is around. StormMods may not have to use there power much but I believe it would be in the best interests to have them if such an emergency should arise. StormMods will have no moderator powers in chat. I have some ideas of who could be a StormMod but I have not approached anyone as of yet. I only will do if I am elected.

    Now what happens when a Spammer Attacks?
    Well I will try to investigate problems quickly and work on my judgements. If I think the person is a brickfilmer and does like the hobby but has spammed they will be disciplined but now banned. If I find that they continue to break the rules I will have to ban them. If they have no regard for the hobby and there here for some spammy ‘IMA HACKA’ fun then they are out of here!

    My list of disciplinary actions for a spammer who seems interested in the hobby follow.
    1. They will be warned
    2. If they continue to cause mischief they will be banned for a month
    3. If they cause mischief after the month or during they will be permanently banned

    If there is a spammer who isn’t interested in the hobby? There is no list they are simply out of here!

    However I expect something of you. I don’t want any witch hunts i.e. Saying some is a spammer from the past true or untrue. The evidence will be looked at and they will be dealt with accordingly. Causing a witch hunt only causes more chaos than needed.F

    If there is no mod in chat and a spammer is there please ignore them but don’t keep going on about ignoring them it is what they like, attention. In my Getting Started area I will introduce newer members to the functions of chat so they should hopefully be more chat ready so they can ignore. Also there is someways to get past ignore like the culprit refreshing or speaking through /away messages. If that trouble arises and there really isn’t any sanity in chat PM a mod and if you can’t but wish to chat to another member please try talk through Private Chat or PM’s. If you have no business in chat and you are witness to spam report to a mod and if there isn’t any response. Just leave chat you may think they’ve won but really they have one less victim. But if elected MoD I normally check up here everyday so I can come to assistance when needed.[/spoiler]

    Education and Order is what this site needs.
    With education on the hobby newer members will be able to act responsibly and knowledgeably on the subject. They will be able to blend with older member easily.
    With order they wont be chaos which captures attention away from where help is needed

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    Aled Owen

    You get my vote.



    It isn’t up for grabs, Night Owl hasn’t resigned.

    -Stevie Collins ~ Candidate for Minister of Film Contests

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    Aled Owen

    You get my vote anyway.


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    You have my vote also!

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    You had me at the part about that dog… Wait a second!!?

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    Voting for a confessed spammer?

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    RP Hoogle

    Fight fire with fire. Fight spammers with a spammer.

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    Aled Owen

    brainfast, you are the WORST person on the forums to vote for at the moment. Nobody here likes you. NO ONE.


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    “Aled Owen” wrote: brainfast, you are the WORST person on the forums to vote for at the moment. Nobody here likes you. NO ONE.


    There’s hardly anyone still around to like him. :)

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